Frankfurt Roadtrip

Hi Guys,

It has been a hectic period lately, it is time to share a new blogpost with all of you. In this blogpost I will you a little but more about our recent road trip that we made to Frankfurt. It was our first time in Frankfurt and absolutely loved the city, I gave it a nickname ‘Little Manhattan as it has the looks of NYC.

Before heading to Frankfurt it was time to pick up our new Tesla model S at the HQ of Tesla in the Netherlands. As you all know by now I am a Tesla ambassador. This time it was time for us to drive the Tesla model S Dual motor, which is a fast baby with internal upgrades compared to its previous model S. This Model S is in a grey metallic finished with a cool panoramic roof and 20 inch black rims:). In my opinion one of the best configurations that you can choose for a Tesla Model S. The ride to Frankfurt was 4 hours including a supercharge moment . The drive to Frankfurt was absolutely comfortable and fast with the Tesla model S by using the Autopilot and air suspension system which feels like flying over das Autobahn with a top speed.

Little Manhattan the city of ‘ Frankfurt’

By arrival we checked in at the beautiful and renewed AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique Hotel located right in the city heart of Frankfurt. The centrally located first-class boutique hotel with urban sauna retreat, restaurant (“Le Petit Royal Frankfurt”) and the “French Bento Bar” is an ideal destination for business people and those who enjoy city breaks. It is within walking distance of the banking centre, museums, the theatre, the Schauspielhaus theatre and the opera house, the famous Shopping Streets Zeil and Goethestraße ( My favorite shopping street of Frankfurt) The interior of the rooms at the AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique combines modern style with a 50s look. This mid-century style, characterized by elegance, sensuality and opulence on the one hand and formal reserve on the other. Ps. The best part is the Spa. We were staying at one of the suites in the Hotel with a spacious set up.

The master bedroom at Hotel Ameron Neckarvillen Boutique.

As a guest of the AMERON Franfurt Neckarvillen Boutique I enjoyed the Boutique Sauna Retreat & Private Gym. Relaxing in an exclusive surrounding, lovingly designed by the Italian interior designer Luigi Fragola.

Thanks to a Finnish sauna, a wellness shower, exquisite care products from Penhaligon´s and a relaxation area, I experienced a I enjoyed a zen moment and holistic relaxation for body and soul. For a sporty balance, there is the separate “Private Gym”,

One of the great gadgets that this room had was the tablet. You could plan your things to see and do in there. It also suggested many things that you would have to visit during your stay in Frankfurt such as a visit to the Main Tower which gives you a view over the skyline of Frankfurt. I could also order my room service with the tablet.

The Tesla Model S experience

The Tesla model S is really one of my favorite models of the Tesla range due its design and aerodynamica. Remember that I did a road trip to the South of France last year? I has the best time driving to the South of France with the Tesla model S. It was the Performance model S by the time. Fast as an airplane and comfortable as a 5 star Hotel. Driving to Frankfurt with the Model S was an absolute comfortable and fast travel. The air suspension and autopilot make it possible to drive fast and relaxed. I still think Tesla is markt leader when it comes to electric vehicles and technology. I am a huge fan of the clean, modern, and futuristic interiors of Tesla.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost.

All the best

Laurent Sebastian

My Philips daily routine essentials.

In this blogpost I will tell you a little more about my grooming essentials that I recently started using. As a busy entrepreneur with many press appearances, skincare and personal appearances are important to me. After all in the world of Social Media and Marketing personal appearances are your business card. Let’s start with the Philips Sonicare 9000 Diamond clean.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean

The DiamondClean is Philips Sonicare’s highest model of electric toothbrush. It combines the effective clean you would expect from a Sonicare with a design so pretty you could hang it in an art museum. Besides this I got the Black edition which is really a stunning and smart appearance. It was the best decision I made to go from manual brushing to electric brushing.

The Philips Sonicare 9000 Diamond clean comes with:

  • Sonicare DiamondClean handle
  • 2 DiamondClean brush head
  • Brush head bristle covers
  • USB charging travel case
  • USB cable
  • USB adapter plug
  • Wireless Charging stand
  • Rinsing glass/display stand

Now when I say plain, I don’t mean ugly. Because the Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean definitely isn’t that. The design is sleek and minimalistic and is perhaps the best looking electric toothbrush available. The entire handle is coated in a seamless black non-slip material. And it works great. Despite not having any bumps or rubber strips, the smooth surface of the Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean is incredibly easy to grasp, even with wet hands. There are only 2 buttons on it, one to select the cleaning mode that you want to use and the other is the on/off button. There are 5 different brushing moods to select.

1. Clean – The standard mode and is identical to the brushing mode found on all Sonicare models capable of brushing at 31,000 brush strokes/minute. Lasts two-minute duration.

2. White – Alternates between the standard and pulsing vibrations. 2 minutes and 30 seconds duration.

3 Gum health – 2 minutes of standard cleaning then 1 minute of slightly weaker vibration to massage gums for a total of 3 minutes.

5. Deep clean – This takes a little longer but gives you this effect to smile more often.

Diamond Clean bush heads & Travel Case

The Philips Sonicare 9000 diamond clean comes with 2 brush heads and a very nice travel case in black design. The case itself is solid and will almost certainly protect your DiamondClean toothbrush from bumps. But by far the most impressive feature you will find on the outside of the case is this little port on the side of the case. The USB input. This case is also a battery charger which allows you to charge the Philips Sonicare 9000 Diamond clean whilst being on the go.If you mostly brush your teeth at home then chances are you will find yourself using the charging base.The charging base is the best option when only a single person uses the DiamondClean or if you have a countertop with limited space.The second setup uses the metal charging base and the glass. Thanks to the specially rounded base, the glass slots neatly into the charging base. The glass is designed to hold the Sonicare upright as well as having room for extra brush heads .All three methods of charging are equally effective and it really all comes down to preference. I personally preferred the glass charger. The extra weight of the glass makes for a sturdier base than the plastic stand. The glass charger looks really cool in your bathroom.

Philips S9000 Prestige

The second product that I use in my daily routine is the Philips S9000 Prestige wet & dry men’s electric shaver. It has stunning looks and outrageous performance, stacked to the nines with jaw dropping features.

This is a solid shaver that does a great job and is comfortable to use. So you’re aware, I’ve used this shaver now for several week. I mostly shave my upper cheek zone, as well as the neck zone. This shaver handled it extremely well. I tried both shaving dry and with some cream. When dry, the shaver did take a couple passes when the hair was longer, but there was no tugging or pinching, and my skin did not get irritated (a huge plus for me compared to other razors). With some cream, it was also a very pleasant and close shave. This really shows the quality of the Nano- Tech blades.

The shaver came in a nice box. Inside, was the shaver, a power cord, the beard trimmer/shaver attachment, a nice little zipping case to hold things, and the instruction booklet/warranty card. The shaver itself looks nice and smart. It’s light. It’s easy to hold. It has a large display to indicate its battery charge and a few other things. When you pick up this shaver, the display lights up to show you the percentage left in the battery. There seems to be plenty of charge to get you through a week or two of personal travel/work trip.

The shaver has three speeds: the slowest is supposed to be the most comfortable (but takes a bit longer to get everything) and the fastest perhaps is a bit less comfortable/rougher on your skin (but a faster shave). The shaving head did a good job following the contours of my face. It is a more responsive and `flexible` than other electric shavers I’ve used. I think for me the biggest result that I noticed is that I have no irritations or a bad skin after shaving myself. Before this I used a regular shaver and this really gave me an irritated skin. Other than that, it has other icons on the display…one that tells you that the blades should be replaced, another if you try to turn it on while it’s plugged in, another to remind you to clean it.

Overall, I’m happy with this shaver. It does everything it advertises. It’s a very close shave that’s comfortable whether I shave dry or wet. Know the exact percentage of battery is comforting as well. The Philips S9000 prestige comes with a really nice wireless charging plate which looks absolutely stunning and actually has a great addition to your bathroom.

Hope you enjoyed the review of these 2 grooming products from Philips.

I wish you a happy new year!

Laurent X

Helsinki, Finland

Hi All!

Hoping you are all doing well. It has been a while since I have written something on the blog, but it has been a very hectic period lately. I went straight from my Paris press trip to the Helsinki press trip which I will tell you more about in this blogpost!

A couple of months ago my team and I were contacted by mail to discover Finland in particular Helsinki in the December month.Of course this was an amazing offer and we said yes without any hesitation, as I have never been in Finland before. Some of you might know that I regularly have visited Sweden and Denmark which is near to Finland. Helsinki has always been on my bucket list and the moment was finally here to discover Helsinki this month. Of course we packed quite heavy as we were told It can be very cold in Finland around this time of the year. I had to organise this very well as I came back from my press events and shootings in Paris, double checks!

Sunset at 3pm. The days are short in Helsinki during the Winter season. 4 to 5 Horus of daylight from 9am.

After a decent flight of 2,5 hours from Amsterdam to Helsinki we arrived with great excitement! Luckily this trip was planned in details by the My Helsinki residence and were guided to the Tourist information desk to pick up our week schedule with tickets, information and so on. It was time to take a train to the city centre where our #Myhelsinkiresidence apartment was waiting for us. Good thing was that the public traffic in Finland is absolutely easy and organized. First impressions of Helsinki were very positive as the mentality of Finished people is open and kind. The second things that really got my attention is the it really has a clean infrastructure, no cigarettes on the streets, no dirt or homeless people. Finland is really active on climate change and really takes its measurements to fight this world problem, by creating awareness to the Finish society, support the Vegan lifestyle and co2 neutral property projects. Our apartment was located right in the city centre with a beautiful balcony overseeing the beautiful city centre of Helsinki. The fridge was filled with typical products of Finland which were cheese, yoghurts and Salmon! Finland is known for its independence of food and other nature products. Almost everything is made in Finland from Almond milk to candy. Funny fact did you know Finland is known for its candy? Did you know that Finland is know for their coffee moments with their typical pastry called: Korvapuusti. This known pastry is sweet and usual to eat with coffee moments which are around 4 times a day. Ps. We all might use the Nespresso machine but in Finland they are focused on filter coffee which is actually not bad, they are really focused on the quality of the coffee as there are even coffee corners with South American coffee or African coffee. 

Helsinki really gave me rest and peace as no one is constantly on its phone or rushing like we generally do in Europe. Everybody takes its time to actual connect with each other and be itself. The Finish government supports individuality which means don’t be afraid to show your real selves, whether this is your sexuality , taste or state of mind. I think this is a great thing as most other country governments see you as a number.

Uspenski Cathedral Helsinki. A remarkable building in Helsinki with Russian influence.

Sauna culture

Sauna’s are a big thing in Finland. As it can get quite cold in Finland a Sauna is the perfect therapy for this after a day of work, or during your lunchbreak. Sauna culture

Sauna bathing is an essential part of Finnish culture and national identity. There are only 5,4 million Finns but 3,3 million saunas. Public saunas used to be common in bigger cities but now that most new apartments have sauna off their own, public saunas have decreased dramatically in number. There are only a couple remaining. As a sense of community is becoming a more and more important part of new urban culture, many new public saunas are being planned.We were invited to spend a day at a Sauna in Helsinki which is owned by actor Jasper Pääkkönen known for tis role in the hit series ‘Vikings’. The Sauna is called Löyly (meaning the steam that comes when you throw water on hot stones in a sauna) The site is unique. Being less than two kilometers away from the city centre, it is very central but at the same time the landscape is like in the outer archipelago. The plot is situated in a future coastal park that will be part of a broader “Helsinki park” connecting the capital city to the sea. The building was designed to be slim and elongated so as not to cut the narrow park strip. The architectural idea is simple: there is a rectangular black box containing the warm spaces that is covered with a free form wooden “cloak”. Instead of being mere decoration, the sculptural structure made of heat treated pine has several functions. It provides people with visual privacy. However, the lamellas don’t limit the sea view from inside it, rather they function like venetian blinds and blocking the views from outside. When the wooden building turns gray, it will become more like a rock on the shoreline.There are three different saunas that are all heated with wood: a continuously heated sauna, a once heated sauna (that is heated in the morning before the sauna is open and stays warm all evening) and a traditional smoke sauna – a true rarity in an urban sauna. This is how you can experience all sorts of Finnish Löyly during a single visit. Between the saunas there is spa area and a fire place room to relax in, between or after sauna bathing. You can swim in the sea and in the winter there is an “avanto”, the hole in the ice for winter swimming – a popular hobby in Finland and our office name as well. Which I obviously dit not do :).

Sauna Loyly

Architecture and Art.

Helsinki is a modern, pocked-sized European city known for design and high technology. Helsinki’s attractive an unique character comes form its proximity of the sea, as well as its location between the east and west. Helsinki is a globally unique art nouveau city with its astonishing 600 buildings that represent this style – a number exceeding that of Barcelona or Brussels, to name a few. These architectural highlights are becoming increasingly popular amongst both tourists and the city’s residents. and the city’s diverse and multi-layered architecture invites you to take a stroll and share your pictures on social media. When walking through Helsinki one notices the lack of old landmarks. There is no historic core, old town or remains of a fortress or a medieval city center, like in other cities along the Baltic Sea or in Scandinavia. Helsinki’s story is based on its modern capital city status and on its location at the sea, the Gulf of Finland. Helsinki came about as the result of royal and imperial politics. 

Helsinki central library Oodi. One of my favorites places in Helsinki by its architecture.
kiasma museum of contemporary art
kiasma museum of contemporary art


In Helsinki we discovered many things of food level. I try to eat vegetarian as much as I can and noticed right away that most people in Helsinki are Vegetarian. In al supermarkets there is such a big offer of vegetarian or Vegan products, all produced in Finland. This was really a paradise for me. I could tell on and on about food, but I think there is only one thing that I really think I should highlight. We had diner at one of Helsinki’s eldest Restaurants with a Michelin holding status called Olo. Olo has been rewarded with a Michelin star every year since 2011. They pamper their guests throughout the evening by the Market Square in Helsinki, with a tasting menu prepared with love. The Scandinavian menu is built around Jari Vesivalo’s childhood memories, with a modern and international nuance. The service was outstanding so was the food. We had a personal waiter with us all evening long and their knowledge of the dished was very professional. The experience its just great as you really enjoy your evening and enjoy the dished. For your information we were there from 6:30pm until 11 :). I strongly recommend Olo during your future visit in Helsinki.

The kitchen of Michelin restaurant OLO in Helsinki


I could tell so much about Helsinki as it really was one of my best made memories made this year. The vibe, culture, environment and so on really are amazing. From food to sauna’s I had one of the best experiences. Due time shortage we were not able to explore the whole city, but I am sure I will return in the NewYear. I strongly recommend Finland and Helsinki in general to visit as it really has a lot to offer. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. I want to thank the Helsinki team for taking care of this trip and all the tips and support during my trip!



Tesla Model X 2019 upgrade

Hey everyone,

In this blogpost I will tell you a little more about the Tesla Model X which recently got an upgrade. As you know and might have seen on my Social Media channels I have driven several Tesla Models, all with so much joy! I have driven the Model X back in Spring this year which was a lot of fun, now I am driving the X once again but with several internal upgrades.

One of my favorite shots that I made of the Tesla Model X @laurentsebastianphotography

2019 Upgrades of the Model X

Tesla has mildly updated its Model X. Not that you’d be able to tell from looking at it, mind, because all the changes are found beneath the exterior. I will get a little more into the technical details. The headline is a revised drivetrain. Tesla says the primary focus has been improving the efficiency of the permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor by optimising things such as cooling, lubrication and gear design. For those of you who appreciate these sorts of things, the outcome is an efficiency rating of 93% – which sounds very good indeed. For the rest of us, it means there’s more electrical range of the Tesla. Also the Autopilot is functioning quite well and is improved.I was lucky enough to get the Model X with these amazing black 22 inch rims, which really bring an extra value of the exterior design of the Model X.

Air Suspension

The biggest change is the air suspension of the Model X which got a major upgrade. It now features fully adaptive damping and improved governance software that can better predict how those dampers should react to the road surface, vehicle speed and driver inputs. This means more driving comfort of course. And, this being a Tesla, if a new version of that software comes out, it can be downloaded and installed wirelessly – which is rather clever.

The iconic Falcon Wing doors, one of my favorite design features of the Model X


The Model X can now charge at a faster rate too, it should tops its battery up to 50% quicker than before when you plug it one of the latest Supercharge points of Tesla. One thing that I still am impressed about is the Supercharge network, the infrastructure of charging points is really impressive and definitely has a step ahead of other car brands that produce electric vehicles. Then there’s the sat-nav system, which will direct you to a Supercharger if you don’t have enough range to complete your journey. It’ll also tell you how long you’ll need to charge for, how much range you’ll have left when you arrive and whether or not you could complete a return trip without needing to top up the battery. You can read this in my previous blogpost in regards to my road trip with the Model S to the South of France.


The Model X is impressively quick. I am really surprised that a car of this size is that quick ( Dual motor model ( All Wheel drive) that I drove, 0/100 in 4.4 seconds) The long range is not even the quickest Model X you can get, the Performance will do it in 2,7 seconds which is outrageous.


Tesla recently dropped a new Software Version 10.0 – The biggest software update ever. It comes with new entertainment, gaming, music, and other features. One thing that I really like is that this latest software update made it possible to watch Netflix and YouTube whilst charging or are parked. It makes it more fun to spend time inside the car. These features are of course not possible to use whilst driving. ( SAFETY FIRST) For people that love to sing along there is a new “Car-aoke” feature lets you sing your heart out with friends on a road trip – or by yourself. Caraoke comes with a massive library with plenty of choice of music :). The new “I’m Feeling Lucky” and “I’m Feeling Hungry” navigation features will lead you on an adventure to a local restaurant or point of interest that’s within your car’s range. A very cool and convenient tool that I used twice when I was running a long day and wanted to have a healthy diner on a near spot instead of fastfood.


The Model X is definitely a great car with state of the art technology which gets updated often to improve it’s driving capacities. The interior and exterior design is really sleek and modern. The iconic falcon doors are really a piece of technology work and are easy and practical in use due the many sensors it has.Personaly I am a huge fan of the 17inch touch screen on the Tesla model X and S with its amazing maps system. It is very easy in use and doesn’t need much time to plan a route or make a call. Driving the Model X is an absolute great experience, it’s quick, comfortable and has tools to adopt the driving capacities. A sport mode, comfort mode and so on.

Photography is done by myself: @laurentsebastianphotography

I hope you guys like the Tesla Model X as much as I do.


Laurent Sebastian

Range Rover SV 5.0 Autobiography Dynamic

Hi all,

Last week I took delivery of the Range Rover SV 5.0 Autobiography Dynamic the top of the line Range Rover. The Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic is the most powerful Range Rover ever made and we took it for a 500km of testing. This Range Rover comes with any possible option you can think of such as a panoramic roof, electric seats and so on. The best part is the 5.0 liter V8 engine a true beast with an amazing sound! Range Rover has always been one of my favorite cars on the market as it has distinct image and is truly beautiful. When you think about SUV’S you think about Range Rover as they have been active on this market for a long time before other brands took their baby steps into this segment. Besides all of this I am quite tall ( 1,92 ) and love some leg space and additional head space. As this is a SVO version it comes with bolder options and exterior highlights. SVO is a shortcut for Special vehicle operations, this department of Range Rover makes it possible to customize your car with interior and exterior features.

Drone images: DJI Maverick pro 2 by Laurent Sebastian


The Range Rover SV 5.0 Autobiography Dynamic is a car where luxury and performances are key words. The Range Rover can either be used as off-roader, an every day car or a true road trip car. The SV Autobiography adds features such as diamond quilted leather seats, leather headlining, auto parking, 24-way driver and passenger front seats with massage function including Hot stone , pulse etc! The Range is a multitasker in any situation. This edition comes with a full option package with 4 electric seats. Funny fact the front seats can be adjusted in 24 different positions.( can be heated and cooled) In the back you will meet the Executive seats which are almost identical to the front seats, the passengers in the back get to enjoy full comfort with 2 media screens. Climate, Windows and the sunscreen of the panoramic roof are all possible to control in the back.By night the car is beautifully highlighted with ambiance lights in the interior which you can configure yourself. (choice of 10 colors) One thing that I have noticed is that the car doesn’t feel huge once you drive it concerning the measurements of the Range Rover which speak for itself. But in case you have issues with parking the car, the 360 degree camera can help you out.

A small summery of the options inside:

  • Entertainment package in the front and back ( 2 displays) backseats
  • Panoramic roof ( can be openend)
  • 360° Surround Camera
  • WIFI onboard or personal hotspot
  • MeridianTM Signature audiosystem
  • A fridge

The way you and more importantly other Range Rover drivers can tell the SVAutobiography Dynamic apart from other Range Rovers is by the quad exhaust and the red Range Rover brake calipers. The side vents, bonnet and grille also have grey accents .And if they still haven’t guessed what it is yet there’s the SVO badge on the tailgate. Special Vehicle Operations have taken the 5.0 litre Supercharged petrol V8  found in the Autobiography grade and tunned it to produce 30kW more power at a colossal 405kW and another 55Nm for 680Nm making it the most powerful put in a Range Rover in the history of the brand.

Drone images: DJI Maverick pro 2 by Laurent Sebastian


After have driven around 500km through Belgium and France i can really give a well founded feedback. I have used the Range Rover in several territories and it never failed, in the city it is easy to drive and off-road even better. To my personal opinion this car is a great combination of a S-class on high wheels and a off-road SUV, it is best of both world. Funny fact the Range Rover can park itself once it has found a proper spot. Due the suspension in this car it is possible to lower and higher the Range Rover or you can simply click on the AUTO button which automatically changes the height of the car by simply checking the status of the road and drive attitude. On off-road the car is really coming to it’s natural habitat as it is originally made for this.

All drone images are made with my : DJI Maverick pro 2

All photo’s are made with the Canon EOS80D EF lens 50mm

All the best,

Laurent Sebastian

Niccolò P. London

Hey guys,

We are mid July and summer is in its full glory after some serious heatwaves last week. The time of the year to wear the finest outfits on holidays and events, but are these outfits always that comfortable? From my experience wearing several designers clothes it is not always made of the best materials and the fits can be a disaster sometimes. The fit of polo’s and shirts can be very boxy sometimes and the buttons feel plastic sometimes.

Wearing the Slate Grey ‘Ultra-Soft’ Polo Shirt, Egyptian Mako Cotton

I got in touch with Niccolò P. several months ago to have a look at the collection and tailored made polo’s for the summer season. Niccolò P. is launched in May 2018 as a more structured approach to polo shirts: polos smart enough to take you from relaxed meeting to the rooftop bars of the city and from airport lounge to poolside.We talked about fabrics, fits and designer clothing which is not always the best on the market. As I am a huge fan of tailored clothing this was the right adres for me. I like my button shirts, polo’s and T shirts tailored on the shoulders and chest with a looser end on the bottom to keep it fresh and ventilated. Nicolò P. is a London based tailor specialized in classy menswear with the focus on Shirts and Polo’s. A little issue that I have with clothing is that I am 1,92cm tall and am pretty masculine on the shoulders and chest which makes it often hard to select the right sizing and tailor for me. Most problems are on the sleeve lengths and the length of the items itself , seams could cause an irritation on my skin in same cases. Niccolò P. uses the finest natural materials available anywhere in the world with bespoke-level details in classic style and a contemporary fit.

Italian Craftsmanship

Each polo is made using only cotton knitted in Montebelluna, a region of Italy renowned for fine textiles. West Indian Sea Island, Egyptian Mako and Supima cotton varieties are used, all of which are extra long staple cottons guaranteeing you a smooth, soft feel second to none. Fabrics are custom-dyed from over 2,300 colour options.

Wearing the Amalfi Blue ‘Ultra-Soft’ Polo Shirt, Egyptian Mako Cotton

Details fabric
• Contemporary fit, true to size 
• 100% Mako cotton in a double-jersey knit with a mercerised finish
• Fabric weight: 190 gsm 
• Suitable for wear year-round
• Australian MOP buttons 
• Internal Niccolò P. label 
• Mid-length front placket 
• Fabric knitted in Italy 
• Garment sewn in Portugal 

The polo’s are all made of the finest materials which makes it really pleasant to wear them during this summer season. The polo’s ventilate and are perfect to wear on the office and my holidays as they are dressed and easy to combine with a chino or short finished with a pair of loafers.

More information:

Click here to get to the website of Niccolò P.

Happy summer

Laurent Sebastian

Michelin star Restaurant JAN Nice

Hey Guys,

A while ago I visited Nice in the South of France for some meetings and to enjoy some time with family. The French Rivera is one of my favorite places to to visit and enjoy the French cuisine. This time I had the privilege to be invited by Restaurant Jan a 4 star Michelin Restaurant in Nice. A 24-seater fine-dining restaurant in the up-and-coming bohemian district of Nice Port, JAN is a celebration of South-African hospitality and serves honest food inspired by local produce from the markets of the South of France.

A little history about Jan. Originally from Middelburg a town in the northern reaches of South Africa, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen studied culinary arts and applied design in Stellenbosch, after which he worked for food publications both locally and abroad. It is during this time that he happened upon the concept of adapting and serving South African favourites like melktert and biltong to discerning culinary audiences in Europe.

Really loved the details of the Menu

By arrival we we’re hosted by the owner and had a chat with him before starting this beautiful dine experience. We were pointed to to a personal waiter for the evening who was excellently educated and really knew what he was doing. We were offered a 7 course menu including several wines and of course as started a glass of champagne. The seven course tasting menu with traditional influences from South African favorites combined with French techniques and local Mediterranean produce. And I must say all wines were perfectly matched with the dishes.

The main dish included meat with several veggies and brown rice which was very tasteful. A funny fact is that even though the proportions looks small, it really was enough to have fulfilled feeling.

Main course
This dish was covered with real gold

As this was a 7 course menu I could talk for hours about all dishes but I think this won’t be interested ha and you will have to experience this yourself. As told before all dishes are inspired by South African and French heritage with use of local products. Fish, meat and several veggies were included. I really liked the eye for detail that Restaurant Jan has for its decoration of dishes and of course the stunning interior of the Restaurant which felt like a living room. Even the restroom really was something on it’s own, finished with luxurious details and the Hotel Costes Home scent ( Which I recently bought and felt in love with during my many visits to Paris).


Restaurant JAN is really amust to visit when you are spending time in Nice. The staff is very friendly and offers a high level of personal service towards its clients. I really could not wish for a better service or place to have a diner of this level, it really deserves the Michelin stars. Also there is limited space, so it makes it really pleasant to have a diner with loved ones. The decoration and lay-out of Restaurant JAN is really cool as this is inspired on African and French roots. So let me know when you will visit this amazing place?


Laurent Sebastian

Talentless by Scott Disick

Hey all,

Quick update. Summer is here and this means an all new summer wardrobe for this season, shoes, loafers and menswear of course. I personally like to switch styles on a daily base, from casual to classy menswear. Depending on what’s in my agenda on a daily base I like to dress myself as much related to the event etc. Still classic menswear is my favorite. But in downtime it is always nice to wear a casual look paired with a good pair of jeans and sneakers.

I recently got in touch with my connections in Los Angeles and got across Talentless a brand that is recently started by Scott Disick ( Aka Kourtney Kardashians her ex) or as I know him as Lord Disick. I like the name Talentless as it is really a smash into the face of haters and anti social media people out there. Who ever thought they got that far right with a reality show? The menswear from Talentless is made of ultra soft cotton and made for casual days. From Tracksuits to T-shirts and hoodies. Also I love the fact that 3% of each sale will be donated to the cancer support organization.

In this blogpost I have included 1 of the 4 outfits that I got form Talentless, totally in love with the red vintage color for this season.Cut and dyed from our premium heavyweight cotton, the basic hoodie gets the crystal treatment in this unique small-batch release of low-immersion dyed garments. It is released In honor of Scott Disick its birthday. I love a good hoodie on a breezy summer afternoon or when it cools down on summer evenings paired with a good pair of jeans and sneakers.

What do you think of this first look of Talentless? More looks will be published over the summer season including several tops. All shots are made with the Canon Eos77D with a EF 50mm lens.

The second item that I wear is a basic T-Shirt from the T-shirt line that is produced for Scott Disick it’s birthday. This shirt is cut from premium weight, pigment dyed, and potassium-finished 100% cotton for an ultra-soft feel and perfect relaxed fit.

All details of the outfit can be found on my Instagram Page or visit the website of Talentless by clicking here


Laurent Sebastian

Ineo Switzerland

Hi Guys,

Hoping you are all doing well! I just had a really busy period of press trips and shoots, but I am great! I want to tell you more about Ineo Switzerland in this blogpost, a new brand focused on skincare for men. It all started with an idea and vision of a brother & sister who saw an opportunity in the men’s cosmetics/skincare.

In Latin it means ‘ I understand, I launch myself into’ Get started and take care of yourself. Ineo Switzerland uses wealth of natural resources in Switzerland which makes the products even more environmentally friendly.

Ineo Switzerland and their commitment:

Promise: The Science & Natural alliance at the service of efficiency!

Style: Resolutely masculine style packages, designed for travel, bathroom or sport. Light, practical and hygienic to better protect your products.

Digital: Available online so that you can have them 24 by 7, save time and get them at the best possible price.

I started to use their range of products this month and can already tell that I noticed improvements on my skin. The 3 most common products that I use are the Face moisturizer , Multi-actions serum and the eye contour which I will tell you more about.

Face moisturizer

The Face moisturizer from Ineo is perfect for daily use and I apply this on a clean face in the morning. It keeps my face 24 hours hydrated and has this fresh and light texture which makes it perfect for the spring/summer season. Composed of hyaluronic acid, as well as its dedicated complex of fruit extracts: apple for hydration, peach for purification and grapefruit for a tonic early morning !

Eye contour

The eye contour is perfect for daily use in combination with the Moisturizer or Serum that you apply in the morning. The eye contour is a fresh serum that you apply underneath your eyes when you think your face needs a little boost after travels or a long night. The eye contour serum has no perfume or shine added and penetrates quickly and has an immediate effect. Without forgetting its masculine plant complex, which aims to be soothing and activator of micro-circulation. The end effect is that you have brighter eyes and less darker circles beneath your eyes.

Face Serum Multi-Actions

I use this Face serum on a daily morning routine after washing my face. This Multi-Action Face Serum provides my skin with a protective and non shiny film. The Multi Action Serum does not have the texture of a cream neither a cream or a gel, only the concentration of daily benefits. precious red snow algae, blackcurrant buds extracts and of course hyaluronic acid are at the heart of this Serum. I already could tell differences of my skin within 2 days. The Serum helps my skin to revitalize and focus on flexibility.

I use the products on a daily base and could really recommend these products to men. The products show their affect within 48 hours already.

Laurent Sebastian


As a modern men who is really active on skincare I would definitely recommend these products. Especially the 3 products that I mentioned in this blogpost are beneficial for your skin on a daily base. If you want a fresh, flexible and vitamin boost for your skin these are the right products, also to prevent eye puffiness.

You can find more information about Ineo Switzerland and their products by clicking here.

All the best,


Tesla Model S roadtrip to the French Riviera

Hi everyone,

As you might have seen in several posts I have been spending some time in the French Riviera, one of my favorite places. When you think about sun, luxury living and fast cars you think about the French Riviera. This is the ultime part of France where wealthy people expose their toys and living. So why not drive to the French Riviera with a Tesla Model S and see what is out there. Thinking about the environment aswell.

After experiencing the Model X and the feeling of 100% electric driving I wanted to push myself to the limits and challenge myself to drive 100% electic to the South of France. Our goal was to the reach Nice and Cannes to spend a small week. Me as nervous as always really got mixed feelings about planning this trip, especially since i never drove 100% Electric to the south Of france or any place abroad. Normally it would be a diesel car or by plane. But Tesla has one of the most invovating and smart cars on the market so I was confident about planning the trip. You can just put the end destination address in the GPS of the Tesla and it will calculate the route with several ‘Supercharge’ stops to reach the destination. Oh boy I was so nervous to reach the 1st charging stop, but after a while this got better and better. A Supercharger is a special designed electric charge point for Tela drives to charge their Tesla’s to 80% or 100% in just 30 to 40 minutes, this is way faster than regular chargers. You can read more about this in my previous post about the Model X. During the drive to Nice we were basically guided by the GPS from 1 to another supercharge station with 30 to 70 Km left in reach. The Tesla Model S has a reach of 500 km on a fully charged battery and it will notify you when to take turns etc to reah the Supercharge point or adjust your speed to reach. The average drive from 1 to another Supercharge point was 2.5 to 3 hours to succesfully reach the end destination Nice. However these calculations are based on your way of driving ( 100 t0 130km/h). Most Supercharge points are located at the regular gas stations next to the highways, as we al know these stations have Mac Donals, Starbucks etc . The end result we have stopped 4 times to charge the Tesla on our way to the South Of france which is really decent. In general it takes 3 to 4 hours more based on the whole trip to Nice which is an average drive of 10 to 11 hours max with a regular car.


The Tesla Model S is a really comfortable car and I personally think that it has such a beautiful aerodynamic design. It is a mix of a sedan and sports coupe with a beautiful masculine ass and front :). A big plus is tesla air suspension which allows me to lower or higher the car in 3 ways: Standard, lower and higher. I mostyle drove on the standard way and when crossing the famous toll roads i had to higher the car as it is really low on the ground. The Model S Was also included with a panoramic roof which could be halfway open or on a ventilation postion, perfect for our time in the Riviera. The seats of the Model S are also a big plus as they are fully electric sportseats with heaters and back support.( Perfect for long drives like these) Auto climate control, entertainment system etc is on it aswell. So about comfort and luxury i had con complaints lol. A big plus is the Autopilot ( this is an extra option) as it is a comfortable and safe way of driving, I used the Autopilot most of the time.


The Model S is a stunning car and is really fast as it goes from 0/100 in just 3 secondes which is amazing! This Model S that i drove is fully option as you can see on the photo’s with 21 inch rims :). The red /black combo is just every guys dream to my opinion. The reach of the Tesla is great and i think it will only get better in the future, yes it is for sure a different way of driving but you really get used to it afte an hour. Tesla also just announced new and faster superchargers which make it possible to charge the car faster ( As there are currently some differences in the Supercharges, some are faster and some are slower) This has to do with the fact that 1 supercharger is deviding the power for 2 cars.

My personal positive pro’s

  • Great aerodynamic
  • Comfortable
  • Fast
  • Effecient
  • Cost saving
  • Safe
  • Autopilot


  • It takes a little more time to reach the final destination ( Nice, South of France) It took 5 to 6 hours more by Supercharging the Model S) It is not a bad thing ofcourse as you safe on fuel costs. It is something to take in consideration when planning to drive to the South of France in 1 day.

Hope you enjoyed and I inspired you to drive all the way green to the South of France 🙂 You can find more about my roadtrip with the Tesla on my highlight ‘Tesla’ on my Instagram page.


Laurent Sebastian

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