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Ineo Switzerland

Hi Guys,

Hoping you are all doing well! I just had a really busy period of press trips and shoots, but I am great! I want to tell you more about Ineo Switzerland in this blogpost, a new brand focused on skincare for men. It all started with an idea and vision of a brother & sister who saw an opportunity in the men’s cosmetics/skincare.

In Latin it means ‘ I understand, I launch myself into’ Get started and take care of yourself. Ineo Switzerland uses wealth of natural resources in Switzerland which makes the products even more environmentally friendly.

Ineo Switzerland and their commitment:

Promise: The Science & Natural alliance at the service of efficiency!

Style: Resolutely masculine style packages, designed for travel, bathroom or sport. Light, practical and hygienic to better protect your products.

Digital: Available online so that you can have them 24 by 7, save time and get them at the best possible price.

I started to use their range of products this month and can already tell that I noticed improvements on my skin. The 3 most common products that I use are the Face moisturizer , Multi-actions serum and the eye contour which I will tell you more about.

Face moisturizer

The Face moisturizer from Ineo is perfect for daily use and I apply this on a clean face in the morning. It keeps my face 24 hours hydrated and has this fresh and light texture which makes it perfect for the spring/summer season. Composed of hyaluronic acid, as well as its dedicated complex of fruit extracts: apple for hydration, peach for purification and grapefruit for a tonic early morning !

Eye contour

The eye contour is perfect for daily use in combination with the Moisturizer or Serum that you apply in the morning. The eye contour is a fresh serum that you apply underneath your eyes when you think your face needs a little boost after travels or a long night. The eye contour serum has no perfume or shine added and penetrates quickly and has an immediate effect. Without forgetting its masculine plant complex, which aims to be soothing and activator of micro-circulation. The end effect is that you have brighter eyes and less darker circles beneath your eyes.

Face Serum Multi-Actions

I use this Face serum on a daily morning routine after washing my face. This Multi-Action Face Serum provides my skin with a protective and non shiny film. The Multi Action Serum does not have the texture of a cream neither a cream or a gel, only the concentration of daily benefits. precious red snow algae, blackcurrant buds extracts and of course hyaluronic acid are at the heart of this Serum. I already could tell differences of my skin within 2 days. The Serum helps my skin to revitalize and focus on flexibility.

I use the products on a daily base and could really recommend these products to men. The products show their affect within 48 hours already.

Laurent Sebastian


As a modern men who is really active on skincare I would definitely recommend these products. Especially the 3 products that I mentioned in this blogpost are beneficial for your skin on a daily base. If you want a fresh, flexible and vitamin boost for your skin these are the right products, also to prevent eye puffiness.

You can find more information about Ineo Switzerland and their products by clicking here.

All the best,


Tesla Model S roadtrip to the French Riviera

Hi everyone,

As you might have seen in several posts I have been spending some time in the French Riviera, one of my favorite places. When you think about sun, luxury living and fast cars you think about the French Riviera. This is the ultime part of France where wealthy people expose their toys and living. So why not drive to the French Riviera with a Tesla Model S and see what is out there. Thinking about the environment aswell.

After experiencing the Model X and the feeling of 100% electric driving I wanted to push myself to the limits and challenge myself to drive 100% electic to the South of France. Our goal was to the reach Nice and Cannes to spend a small week. Me as nervous as always really got mixed feelings about planning this trip, especially since i never drove 100% Electric to the south Of france or any place abroad. Normally it would be a diesel car or by plane. But Tesla has one of the most invovating and smart cars on the market so I was confident about planning the trip. You can just put the end destination address in the GPS of the Tesla and it will calculate the route with several ‘Supercharge’ stops to reach the destination. Oh boy I was so nervous to reach the 1st charging stop, but after a while this got better and better. A Supercharger is a special designed electric charge point for Tela drives to charge their Tesla’s to 80% or 100% in just 30 to 40 minutes, this is way faster than regular chargers. You can read more about this in my previous post about the Model X. During the drive to Nice we were basically guided by the GPS from 1 to another supercharge station with 30 to 70 Km left in reach. The Tesla Model S has a reach of 500 km on a fully charged battery and it will notify you when to take turns etc to reah the Supercharge point or adjust your speed to reach. The average drive from 1 to another Supercharge point was 2.5 to 3 hours to succesfully reach the end destination Nice. However these calculations are based on your way of driving ( 100 t0 130km/h). Most Supercharge points are located at the regular gas stations next to the highways, as we al know these stations have Mac Donals, Starbucks etc . The end result we have stopped 4 times to charge the Tesla on our way to the South Of france which is really decent. In general it takes 3 to 4 hours more based on the whole trip to Nice which is an average drive of 10 to 11 hours max with a regular car.


The Tesla Model S is a really comfortable car and I personally think that it has such a beautiful aerodynamic design. It is a mix of a sedan and sports coupe with a beautiful masculine ass and front :). A big plus is tesla air suspension which allows me to lower or higher the car in 3 ways: Standard, lower and higher. I mostyle drove on the standard way and when crossing the famous toll roads i had to higher the car as it is really low on the ground. The Model S Was also included with a panoramic roof which could be halfway open or on a ventilation postion, perfect for our time in the Riviera. The seats of the Model S are also a big plus as they are fully electric sportseats with heaters and back support.( Perfect for long drives like these) Auto climate control, entertainment system etc is on it aswell. So about comfort and luxury i had con complaints lol. A big plus is the Autopilot ( this is an extra option) as it is a comfortable and safe way of driving, I used the Autopilot most of the time.


The Model S is a stunning car and is really fast as it goes from 0/100 in just 3 secondes which is amazing! This Model S that i drove is fully option as you can see on the photo’s with 21 inch rims :). The red /black combo is just every guys dream to my opinion. The reach of the Tesla is great and i think it will only get better in the future, yes it is for sure a different way of driving but you really get used to it afte an hour. Tesla also just announced new and faster superchargers which make it possible to charge the car faster ( As there are currently some differences in the Supercharges, some are faster and some are slower) This has to do with the fact that 1 supercharger is deviding the power for 2 cars.

My personal positive pro’s

  • Great aerodynamic
  • Comfortable
  • Fast
  • Effecient
  • Cost saving
  • Safe
  • Autopilot


  • It takes a little more time to reach the final destination ( Nice, South of France) It took 5 to 6 hours more by Supercharging the Model S) It is not a bad thing ofcourse as you safe on fuel costs. It is something to take in consideration when planning to drive to the South of France in 1 day.

Hope you enjoyed and I inspired you to drive all the way green to the South of France ūüôā You can find more about my roadtrip with the Tesla on my highlight ‘Tesla’ on my Instagram page.


Laurent Sebastian

Birthday weekend at Intercontinental Hotel Dusseldorf

Hi Guys,

Hoping you are all doing well! As you all have seen on my Instagram i just turned 27 on th 1st of March. A special age to celebrate on a great location, like the Intercontinental Hotel in Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is in my top 5 of favorite cities in Europe as it has great shops and restaurants. The Intercontinental Hotel in Dusseldorf kind of feels like home by now as I have spend time here whilst doing Christmas shopping last year. By arrival the Pr manager awaited me to personally congratulate me for my Birthday. And the best part is that we got one of the Executive rooms which are recently renewed.

Birthday boy

The Executive rooms are exquisitely furnished, with a big working area, livingroom, 2019 nespresso machines and 2 flat screens. The elegant bathroom is fully marble and comes with a luxury rainshower ( With a seat) and a seperate bathtub. The room has a huge king-size bed and trust me you will sleep like a baby. It is not hard to feel at home in this spacious room.

The living room

My favorite part of the room is the walk-in closet it is so spacious that there is a seat in it to admire your clothing haha :). Ps. Dusseldorf is a great city to shop as all stores are there just one step away from the Intercontinental Hotel. The Hotel is located right on the Koningsallee which is the main street in Dusseldorf, Hermes and other stores are located right next to the Hotel. Also the Executive room is on the 8th floor and has a huge balcony with a view over the Koningsallee and the skyline of Dusseldorf. One great convenience is that the Hotel has Valid parking which allows you to park beneath the Hotel for 30 euros a day.

The walk- in closet

I could not have wished for a better birthday than celebrating it this year in one of my favorite cities and Hotel. I mean what else than relaxing, shopping, clubbing and waking up with the excellent roomservice that provides you with breakfast in bed. The Executive room really gave me this ‘at Home’ feeling in seconds, it is spacious, modern, clean and you could spend a weekend in it if the weather isn’t great. The staff of the Hotel is just amazing, they call you by your surname and really want you to feel comfortable and appreciatted, nothing is to much to ask.

The bathroom


If you seek for a Hotel in Dusseldorf with the best location, design and service Intercontinental is the place to be. It is located in the heart of the city centre and has great comfort and service.

You can find more about the ratings and service of the Intercontinental Hotel Dusseldorf by clicking here.

All the best,

Laurent Sebastian

Tesla X Laurent Sebastian

Hey Guys,

Hoping you are all doing well! It has been a while since I have published something on my blog. I have been insanely busy lately, but today I will show you something really awesome!

As most of you know I have a huge passion for automotive and i an really talk about this for hours if nobody stops me lol. I am always very amazed about how fast the car industry has developed lately when it comes to efficiency, design and intelligence. Tesla is one of these game changers who to my opinion opened a new era in the automotive.

The Interior is just jaw dropping.

This is really one of the greatest projects that I have been working on the last months, before the moment pick-up of this amazing Tesla itself. Last week I had the privelige to meet at the Tesla HQ in Asmterdam and see the amazing company and ofcourse to pick up my Tesla Model X, My first impression of the Model X was just jaw dropping, the design, the features and ofcourse the iconic wing doors. (Falkon doors ) Tesla is following the crowd in producing a sporty and luxurious SUV, it has distinctive looks and there‚Äôs plenty of innovation underneath, too. This includes Autopilot, electrically operated ‚Äėfalcon wing‚Äô rear doors and a range that can top 500KM. While the Tesla can be a near-silent friend of the environment, it can also go from 0 to 100 in such a fast time. Turst me this Tesla is as fast such as a Porsche Cayenne.


Biggest GPS screen (17 inch) in the automotive market.


To me this is the ultimite Tesla at the moment, It is fast, has a strong design and it is so easy in use. I believe this car is made to not let you think or be stress, it basically takes over the work behind the wheel. One thing that really suprised me that the switch from driving gasoline to 100% electric is really small. You don’t really notice this after drving this car for a day, you get really used to driving electric. Also Tesla has build so many Supercharge stations where you can quickly charge your Tesla to 100% (500KM) in just 40 minutes. A good thing about this is that it is free for Tesla drivers who are on the go and need to fill up quick. Plus these Supercharge stations are ALWAYS located at Hotels/Restaurants spots to have a snack/coffee or work a little on your laptop while charging your Tesla. Tesla is still expanding the locations of Supercharge stations, and yes is it possible to cruise to the South of France.

Loads of Space


This Tesla comes with Autopilot which is 100% safe. There were stories out there that there were fabric faults etc. This is untrue. I have experiences the Autopilot myself and i could only recommend this to Tesla buyers. It allows you to cruise relax on long distances and when you need to have phonecalls etc. Also the Autopilot system warn you every 30 seconds to touch the steering wheel to still keep active behind the wheel and prevent accidents ( Minimum chance btw) In the worst case the Tesla drives itself automatically to the side of the road or highway. It has many camera’s and sensors to check the positions of the car and other drives. ( The Falcon doors (WING) are also not fully opening when you are in a low and tight parking lot, to avoid damages on the door. Thank god for technology and sensors.

Biggest front window in the automotive.


The Tesla app is just amazing, it allows you many things to control from a distance. You can heat all 6 seats in the car, steering wheel headed and the climate of the car in general. Also it can allow you to drive the car back or forward ( Incase you a parked in a very tight spot). The app allows me to check the % of the battery of the car and incase how many minutes left of the supercharging. it sends me text when the car is fully charged etc. I can find spots to charge with this app aswell and it will automatically navigate me to this spot. Will tell more about this on Instagram later with visual content as i could talk about the features for days! LOL

Just one click away on the Tesla app to control many car features.

My Tesla Model X comes with ( To long list to name them all) :

  • 6 seat configuration ( Extra cupholders and console for the passengersin the back)
  • Autopilot
  • Suspension system ( Allows me to lower and higher the car at any time)
  • Media system ( Spotify intergration, WIFI, USB ports, bluetooth, 17 audio speakers)
  • GPS/MAPS realtime
  • Full LED lights system
  • LED ambiant light system interior
  • Automatic doors


I am just really blown away about the intelligence, safety and design of this futuristic car. And to be honest I could really recommend everyone driving electric, it drives so comfortable and yet fast. It saves you allot of money in many aspects of taxes etc.

You can check more information about the Tesla Model X and other Tesla cars by clicking HERE.

All shots are taken with my Canon EOS80D with a 55MM lens.

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost


Intercontinental Hotel D√ľsseldorf

As I travel around the world I always try to find the Hotels with the best location and comfort..…. So when traveling to Dusseldorf this time I decided to stay at the Intercontinental Dusseldorf. They invited me to try out one of their new suites as they just did a major renovation. The timing was perfect as I was planning to do some Christmas shopping in Germany, plus the Intercontinental is located on the main shopping street called königsallee. I totally loved the neighborhood!

My room was really spacious although I they booked the ‘Executive room’ for me. That huge bed was amazing to just rest in after long days of photo shoots, meetings and shopping. And no, they didn‚Äôt have a complimentary Hermes goodie bag on the bed, that was some shopping I left there, haha.

(The Bathroom)

There was plenty of space in some really original storage designs that I assume vary from room to room. My room actually had an extra room which was the walk-in closet, including a seat to select my outfits on a comfortabel way.

(The Walk in closet was a big plus)

The bathroom was very spacious including a tub, rainshower and a seperate shower plus a spacious sink to storage all my beauty products. A big plus was the huge mirror which is rare in Hotels these days.

Thank you for having me Intercontinental Dusseldorf!

More information about the Intercontinental Hotel

Click here


Traveling fast and productive with Thalys

Hi Guys,

Hoping you are all doing well! As you all might have seen i am traveling often for my work. Before booking or planning to go to events shootings and so on, I always check the most fast way of transportation. As Paris is one of my favorite cities to go to and the city where most of my clients are located it’s obvious that i choose to travel the fastest way. I will tell you more about this way of travelling in this blog

First of all traveling with the¬†Thalys¬†high-speed train has many pro’s, especially when you travel in the Premium class of¬†thalys¬†like¬†i¬†did. This includes more spacious seats and has own catering. What¬†i¬†like about traveling by train is that it allows me to work in silent as¬†i¬†can work on my laptop and have¬†phone calls¬†without disturbed. Depending on the time you will get either lunch, diner or breakfast serviced. There is also an own bar located in the cabin.

The pro’s are:

  • Fast WIFI
  • Catering
  • Spacious seats ( Offers more privacy)
  • A taxi can be booked by one of the hosts for the arrival destination
  • Daily papers and magazines are there to read ( Vogue etc)



It’s incredible how fast this way of traveling is as it is only 2 hours from my hometown to Paris, the Thalys goes 300km a hour directly to Paris. You will arrive in¬†gare du nord station which is located in the heart of Paris. By Airplane it takes way more time as the airpot is located 1 hour from Paris city centre and has many custom stops.


If you are planning to visit Paris i would suggest to go with Thalys as it is fast, comfortable and drives multiple times a day to Paris. The prices are fair and is worth it. I want to thank Thalys for this oppertunity.



All the best



Sleeping under the stars at 7 Hotel Paris ****

Hi Guys,

Hoping you are all doing well. I just returned from my trip to Paris which was amazing as always! I always love to go to Paris in Spring and fall, one of the most beautiful seasons in Paris. Anyway let’s go straight to the subject, my Hotel experience in Paris. For this trip¬†i¬†had the opportunity to stay at the 7 Hotel in Paris, a 4 star Boutique Hotel.

A Romantic Boutique Hotel near the Latin Quarter The Hotel Seven offers guests a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the city with its elegantly furnished patio. The cozy wooden-decked inner courtyard features comfortable rattan sofas and armchairs ideal to enjoy a morning coffee, a pre-dinner drink or a nightcap at the end of your long Parisian day. I like that this Hotel is something different from ordinary Hotels, the interior is so modern and the rooms are all different so non of the rooms has the same interior. BIG PLUS the rooms with the star ceilings, it is so elegant and peaceful and makes you relax. The beds are absolutely comfortable and have an overload of pillows which makes it extra comfy!

Even the walls are designed with lights in it which gives the room a very luxurious And romantic touch. I mostly get annoyed by the small bathrooms in Hotels as they are mostly designed for 1 person. Well, In the 7 Hotel there is plenty of space for 2 persons in the rooms. My room had a HUGE rain shower behind the bed with 2 entrances with individual sinks, one for him and one for her. One other aspect that i like about the 7 Hotel is the location. Location is EVERYTHING in Paris and any other city in the world. The metro is right on the block and there are plenty of Ubers to catch in this hip neighborhood. (The Louvre is 10 min by Metro)


The breakfast in the 7 Hotel is excellent ans i have no complains about it. I choose to have breakfast in bed as i like to wake up slowly on my trips without company. You can honestly order anything you like and they will check if they have the products in house to prepare the meal! Conclusion: This Hotel is definitely worth booking as you check the comfort, location and luxury touch. The prices are good and really meet the comfort that you get.


More information about 7 Hotel Paris 









Mercedes C-Class – Starsky Squat




Hey Guys,

As you might have seen, I picked up my brand new Mercedes C-Class last week at the Mercedes-Benz Mechelen dealership. I have the amazing opportunity to test this car for a period! Starsky Belgium made this opportunity possible as a known PR agency for known media figures and Celebrities. Big thanks.

My first impression of the C-¬†Class¬†break was actually very¬†positive¬†as¬†i¬†am personally not a big fan of station wagons. But Mercedes nailed it to make this break so sportive and state of the art because of the modern body game. The C-Class has been on the market for while but it has recently been updated¬†(¬†Face lift) with some cool features. First thing you will see is the amazing LED laser lights and the enormous front which make this car a true’Beast.

It has been a week now that i am driving the C-Class and i absolutely have no complaints neither things that I would change about this car. It is efficient, dynamic and elegant in the same time. I named some favorite features below.

Command Online (Live traffic NAVI) (Handy to escape jams)
Full digital cockpit (It gives such a powerful and sportive view)
Sportive exterior
360 Degrees parking camera ( It parks itself)

I could go on and on about the things¬†I¬†like about the car, which¬†I¬†will do for sure in the coming weeks but now it’s time for you to check some photo’s.









Coat season with Jofama

Hi Guys,

It has been a bit quite the last couple of weeks on my blog. Sorry for that, but there are coming many new blogposts in the next couple of weeks.
So back to topic, it’s fall, it’s chilli and I want to show you one of my favorite outfits for this fall season.


The coat is from Jofama which is known as a perfect affordable jacket,coat and parka maker. What I personally love of Jofama is that the quality is very good and the outwear are in a very fair price range.

So for my outfit I decided to go casual with THE must have this season. A classic coat as every year

The fabric of this coat is very soft and warm and the fitting is pretty good. I love it when the coat is not too oversized and you can actually see the shape of the body. For me a coat is a piece you buy every year and if you stay in shape you can wear it almost every fall and winter season. I must say i am bit of coat and jacket guy as i have over 40 jackets and 10 coats for the Fall season.
I combined the coat with a bright blue button shirt and a dark blue chino. I think it`s important to have atleats one bright neutral color in your outfit that it doesn’t get to boring. Last but not least I chose some classic loafers in a grey colorway as fall is mostly the last season of the year that allows you to wear loafers.

Let me know what you think about this outfit



Link to the coat

Link to the shirt




La Bastide de Gordes X Laurent Sebastian

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great summer and is enjoying the travel season. I just travelled back to the French Provence to enjoy time with my friends and some business. Honestly if you never been to the Provence I would strongly recommend you to plan it asap. The Provence is even more beautiful and less commercial then the French Riviera. During my holiday here I was lucky to be invited by the 5 star premium Hotel La Bastide de Gordes. This Hotel is completely redone and opened its doors to the public in 2017. The Hotel has an amazing view in the Valey of Gordes and uses the beauty products from Sisley Paris. I had the oppertunity to explore the Spa combined with a lunch and overnight stay. Let’s start with the Sisley Spa.


If you book a treatment at the Spa, you can enjoy the relaxation area which offers many facilities including:

  • Outdoor care and treatments, on a private terrace,
  • An exceptional terrace overlooking the Luberon valley,
  • A beautiful indoor pool,
  • A fantastic hammam,
  • A sauna,
  • Sensory showers,
  • A rest area,
  • A tea room,
  • A functional and well-equipped fitness room.



Lunch at  L’Orangerie

After the Spa i was invited with my team to have lunch at L’Orangerie which is runned by a Chef with three Michelin stars. ( Promising to be very good)!¬†La Bastide de Gordes‚Äôs Orangerie restaurant serves meals in typical Provencal style in a bistro setting with a selection of Mediterranean products.¬†Alternatively, you dine in the open air on the Orangerie‚Äôs veranda. The restaurant has a unique ambiance thanks to its ceiling with exposed beams, large windows and the surrounding greenery, all in keeping with our 5 Star Luxury Hotel‚Äôs reputation. We started the Lunch with a class of champagne followed with an Octopussy starter. This actually had a great taste and it was my first time that i ate octopussy.¬† The second meal was a sea bass with traditional seasonal spices, for me it was to much spices as the flavor of the Salmon was completely gone. The dessert was lovely as it was traditional French pastry, i am telling you this was amazing. ( See Photo’s).¬†Lunch at L‚ÄôOrangerie guarantees a pure gastronomic treat.



Little snacks before starting with the entree .

The lunch included a starter Octopussy with local vegtables from the French Provence. This was a very tastefull starter as the octopus had a crispy touch. After that we got a sea bass which was finished with local spices and and local vegtables aswell. The dessert was a cake with a vanille inside which was heaven on earth to be honest! The texture was soft and it just melt on your tongue. And ofcourse we finished this dessert with a lovely espresso.



The view & Conclusion

The view from the Spa and L’Orangerie is just outstanding. It has so much peace and it gives you this extra feeling of privacy. The staff at the L’Orangerie bistro is on a next level and really wants to you give you an outstanding experience. You can really notice that they know what dishes they are serving and which wine could fit with the dish you are eating. We really had the best view from our table and I personally could not have wished for more. See the photo’s below for more view impressions at L’Orangerie and the Sisley Spa. My overal experience was good, the lunch was very nice and the staff there really did a good job. However i did notice that the management here has really problems with communication and satisfy customers. They do try to charge you for several things which are not really common such as welcoming drinks. Apart from that the staff in the Spa was not the best in hosting guests or welcoming you. ( This must change as customers are paying big money for the Spa and a Hotel room). A member of my team is a resedential in this village and was not treated in the best way. But overal this was just a small issue we did enjoy our day together.

Outfit Details

Polo by: Drycorn

Pants: Nikolaj D’Etoiles

Bag: Hermes birkin HAC

( Click on the brands to get more information)


Hotel Links


Spa Sisley

Hotel La Bastide de Gordes

Or follow my experience by #ACmemories on Instagram



Hope you liked this blogpost





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