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The Holidays are here!

It’s no secret that buying gifts for men at Christmas time is difficult, sometimes seeming daunting or even just downright impossible. But it’s proven that most guys are interested in gifts such as clothing, skincare products or technology gadgets. I personally prefer clothing or gadgets as well as I think gifting someone a set of skincare products or perfume is such a cliché. It’s right out of the box and in most cases it’s a nightmare to find the right smell for someone as it is very personal. Lately I’ve been very into customizing my bags or other fashion items, as it is something different and more individual. Actually I just got this beautiful set of underwear from my longtime business partner Le Slip Francais which could be a cool gift for your partner.



The underwear comes in a really nice box which makes it very luxurious and personal. You can really tell that it is a French brand by the colors they use in the products. (In a very positive way 🙂 ). You can basically configure your own set of: briefs, boxer briefs, panties and boxer shorts on the website of Le Slip Francais.  I mostly wear Boxer shorts or briefs as they feel the most comfortable for me. Once you made your decision in the style you feel most comfortable in, you can choose from many prints or colors that you want your set of underwear to look like. And the final step will be the personal text that you want to add on your underwear (14 characters max). You can choose from 3 different text styles which is pretty nice as we all have a different preference in this as well.  I choose to just put my initials and last name on it as it is pretty funny to have on your boxer.

Find more informaton on :


The watch that made my time change.

A while ago I got introduced to Kronaby watches and I’ve talked with some members of the Kronaby team. The first thing that I noticed is that they really made a traditional watchmaking with some amazing technology in it. The watches are all connected to your smartphone, which allows you to filter the latest notifications. You can basically choose who has priority to notify you when you are on the go. This is such a cool feature as it saves me time to check my phone and it allows me to live in the moment. Besides this you can use your Kronaby watch as a step counter in case you are in need of some activity, and yes it will warn you once you haven’t made enough steps! The option that I use the most is the personal notification option, you can select how often your phone vibrates for each app, email or message. Oh and did I told you that the watch automatically adjusts to the local time in each time zone?! Very easy for travelers like me.


On this photo i’m wearing the Kronaby 43 mm, Stainless steel 316L, Black PVD . Click here to shop.

We are all in our phones 24/7 these days, keeping up with the latest news or updating your Social network. That we sometimes forget to really enjoy the moment with loved ones or anyone else actually. I sometimes even challenge myself to be offline, but that’s not an option as everything happens online. But I think you might like this Kronaby watch, as it helps us to spend our time wisely and gives us the opportunity to live more in the moment. I think this watch is the perfect gift for your partner with Christmas, it’s luxurious and comes with a very nice box.



Outfit details in this blog:

Coat : Jofama Sweden

Suede gloves: Jofama Sweden

Watch : Kronaby


The Kronaby watch comes with this beautiful box. Find the collection here.


Hermes exhibation – Les mondes de Leïla Menchari in Paris

During my business trip to Paris I was invited by my friend Michael to visit the Hermès à tire-d’aile exhibition at the Grand Palais. This exhibition was held by Hermes this month in honor to Leila Menchari, highlighting her poutique yet flamboyant work as window designer. In this exhibition you will see the world of Hermes world displayed by Leila Menchari.


Quick background of who Menchari was, after graduating her studies in Tunis she moved to Paris to study. Her interest was in peinture at the L’ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. Here is where Menchari met Azzedine Alaia, who introduced her to the world of fashion. She started working as assistant and head illustrator at Hermes. Here Annie Beaumel (the former Head of windows) taught her everything. Eventually Menchari designed windows for Hermes from 1978 to 2013. Her window designs were always recognized by her use of exotic materials and the poetry from her travels.



In my opinion Parisian displays of stores would be the nr1 winners every single time. The eye for detail is just amazing, and really asks you to come in! The savoir-faire of these designers is exceptional and unique au monde and this month it’s a great time to celebrate an amazing women who excelled in this industry. It is she who designed, illustrated and created all the windows at the Hermès’ flagshipstore on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Click here to buy her Hermes book .



The display below was one of my favorites, as it really shows a poetry and the luxury of Hermes. Personally i’m a huge fan of the window displays at Hermes as it tells a story and it almost looks like a fairytale.



In this display you could really see the travel inspiration that Leila Menchari used. The choice of the bag fabrics and colors is amazing.


By Leila Menchari and Hermes

”When designing a scene, there must always be some mystery, for mystery is the springboard to dreams. Mystery is an invitation to fill in the gaps left by the imagination. This is how Leïla Menchari explains one of the secrets behind the success of her flamboyant window displays.”



Enjoy Laurent

Must have jacket for Winter 2017

For this blog I got to collaborate with Jofama, my jacket partner from Sweden. I have done many projects with them in the last year, starting with Spring 2017 to Winter 2017. The jacket that I wear in the photo’s is called Axel 2. I think you all know by now that I mostly wear basic outfits with a luxurious touch. Jofama is my number one choice for jackets as the quality is outstanding and they use the best materials available. In my current collection there are over 20 pair of jackets in all kinds of colors and fabrics. The trend that you really spy this winter for men is the classic pilot bomber, known for the regular fit and finished with sheep’s wool collars. I actually had to get used to wear this style as I mostly wore classic coats or parkas. But I must say it really gives that classic and effortless look that every guy is looking for in the winter season. You will see me wearing this style in future posts as you must come out of your comfort zone sometimes. Keep scrolling through my Instagram and be surprised.



Specsavers X Laurent Sebastian

Yesterday I was invited by Specsavers to select a pair of glasses by choice.I admit that I sometimes have troubles with my eye view when it comes to distance or while I work on my laptop. So this was the perfect occasion for me to do a personal visibility test in one of the Specsavers stores in the Netherlands, whilst having a cup of coffee with one of the opticians. I want to thank Specsavers for the amazing service!


In the visibility test they show letters and images in different sizes, and I have to admit the smaller they got the more I had to squeeze my eyes to read the signs clearly lol. Thank god my optician told me afterwards that I only have a very tiny minus in both of my eyes. So he gave me the advice to look for glasses specially made for reading and distance visibility.


I picked this one from the collection, it looked really cool and vintage as this style is really upcoming again! After wearing it for a while it is really comfortable and it really matches every outfit which is important for me. Besides this I also have chosen for a light gold frame on this pair of glasses to give it a classic appearance. Ps. I’m wearing a Jofama lamb suede jacket here called KING 7. Click here to check out the collection.

Click here to go the website of Specsavers.

Welcome, Bienvenue, Welkom


Permettez-moi de me presenter…

Welcome to my personal blog! Here i’m going to share all of my new travels, my personal hotspot, menswear and life in Paris and The Netherlands. Fast-Forward as we are today, I present myself as a succesfull, proud entrepeneur, model, blogger,…  I would like to share all my experiences with all of you!




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