Hi Guys,

It has been a hectic period lately, it is time to share a new blogpost with all of you. In this blogpost I will you a little but more about our recent road trip that we made to Frankfurt. It was our first time in Frankfurt and absolutely loved the city, I gave it a nickname ‘Little Manhattan as it has the looks of NYC.

Before heading to Frankfurt it was time to pick up our new Tesla model S at the HQ of Tesla in the Netherlands. As you all know by now I am a Tesla ambassador. This time it was time for us to drive the Tesla model S Dual motor, which is a fast baby with internal upgrades compared to its previous model S. This Model S is in a grey metallic finished with a cool panoramic roof and 20 inch black rims:). In my opinion one of the best configurations that you can choose for a Tesla Model S. The ride to Frankfurt was 4 hours including a supercharge moment . The drive to Frankfurt was absolutely comfortable and fast with the Tesla model S by using the Autopilot and air suspension system which feels like flying over das Autobahn with a top speed.

Little Manhattan the city of ‘ Frankfurt’

By arrival we checked in at the beautiful and renewed AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique Hotel located right in the city heart of Frankfurt. The centrally located first-class boutique hotel with urban sauna retreat, restaurant (“Le Petit Royal Frankfurt”) and the “French Bento Bar” is an ideal destination for business people and those who enjoy city breaks. It is within walking distance of the banking centre, museums, the theatre, the Schauspielhaus theatre and the opera house, the famous Shopping Streets Zeil and Goethestraße ( My favorite shopping street of Frankfurt) The interior of the rooms at the AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique combines modern style with a 50s look. This mid-century style, characterized by elegance, sensuality and opulence on the one hand and formal reserve on the other. Ps. The best part is the Spa. We were staying at one of the suites in the Hotel with a spacious set up.

The master bedroom at Hotel Ameron Neckarvillen Boutique.

As a guest of the AMERON Franfurt Neckarvillen Boutique I enjoyed the Boutique Sauna Retreat & Private Gym. Relaxing in an exclusive surrounding, lovingly designed by the Italian interior designer Luigi Fragola.

Thanks to a Finnish sauna, a wellness shower, exquisite care products from Penhaligon´s and a relaxation area, I experienced a I enjoyed a zen moment and holistic relaxation for body and soul. For a sporty balance, there is the separate “Private Gym”,

One of the great gadgets that this room had was the tablet. You could plan your things to see and do in there. It also suggested many things that you would have to visit during your stay in Frankfurt such as a visit to the Main Tower which gives you a view over the skyline of Frankfurt. I could also order my room service with the tablet.

The Tesla Model S experience

The Tesla model S is really one of my favorite models of the Tesla range due its design and aerodynamica. Remember that I did a road trip to the South of France last year? I has the best time driving to the South of France with the Tesla model S. It was the Performance model S by the time. Fast as an airplane and comfortable as a 5 star Hotel. Driving to Frankfurt with the Model S was an absolute comfortable and fast travel. The air suspension and autopilot make it possible to drive fast and relaxed. I still think Tesla is markt leader when it comes to electric vehicles and technology. I am a huge fan of the clean, modern, and futuristic interiors of Tesla.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost.

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Laurent Sebastian