For this blog I got to collaborate with Jofama, my jacket partner from Sweden. I have done many projects with them in the last year, starting with Spring 2017 to Winter 2017. The jacket that I wear in the photo’s is called Axel 2. I think you all know by now that I mostly wear basic outfits with a luxurious touch. Jofama is my number one choice for jackets as the quality is outstanding and they use the best materials available. In my current collection there are over 20 pair of jackets in all kinds of colors and fabrics. The trend that you really spy this winter for men is the classic pilot bomber, known for the regular fit and finished with sheep’s wool collars. I actually had to get used to wear this style as I mostly wore classic coats or parkas. But I must say it really gives that classic and effortless look that every guy is looking for in the winter season. You will see me wearing this style in future posts as you must come out of your comfort zone sometimes. Keep scrolling through my Instagram and be surprised.