During my business trip to Paris I was invited by my friend Michael to visit the Hermès à tire-d’aile exhibition at the Grand Palais. This exhibition was held by Hermes this month in honor to Leila Menchari, highlighting her poutique yet flamboyant work as window designer. In this exhibition you will see the world of Hermes world displayed by Leila Menchari.


Quick background of who Menchari was, after graduating her studies in Tunis she moved to Paris to study. Her interest was in peinture at the L’ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. Here is where Menchari met Azzedine Alaia, who introduced her to the world of fashion. She started working as assistant and head illustrator at Hermes. Here Annie Beaumel (the former Head of windows) taught her everything. Eventually Menchari designed windows for Hermes from 1978 to 2013. Her window designs were always recognized by her use of exotic materials and the poetry from her travels.



In my opinion Parisian displays of stores would be the nr1 winners every single time. The eye for detail is just amazing, and really asks you to come in! The savoir-faire of these designers is exceptional and unique au monde and this month it’s a great time to celebrate an amazing women who excelled in this industry. It is she who designed, illustrated and created all the windows at the Hermès’ flagshipstore on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Click here to buy her Hermes book .



The display below was one of my favorites, as it really shows a poetry and the luxury of Hermes. Personally i’m a huge fan of the window displays at Hermes as it tells a story and it almost looks like a fairytale.



In this display you could really see the travel inspiration that Leila Menchari used. The choice of the bag fabrics and colors is amazing.


By Leila Menchari and Hermes

”When designing a scene, there must always be some mystery, for mystery is the springboard to dreams. Mystery is an invitation to fill in the gaps left by the imagination. This is how Leïla Menchari explains one of the secrets behind the success of her flamboyant window displays.”



Enjoy Laurent