A while ago I got introduced to Kronaby watches and I’ve talked with some members of the Kronaby team. The first thing that I noticed is that they really made a traditional watchmaking with some amazing technology in it. The watches are all connected to your smartphone, which allows you to filter the latest notifications. You can basically choose who has priority to notify you when you are on the go. This is such a cool feature as it saves me time to check my phone and it allows me to live in the moment. Besides this you can use your Kronaby watch as a step counter in case you are in need of some activity, and yes it will warn you once you haven’t made enough steps! The option that I use the most is the personal notification option, you can select how often your phone vibrates for each app, email or message. Oh and did I told you that the watch automatically adjusts to the local time in each time zone?! Very easy for travelers like me.


On this photo i’m wearing the Kronaby 43 mm, Stainless steel 316L, Black PVD . Click here to shop.

We are all in our phones 24/7 these days, keeping up with the latest news or updating your Social network. That we sometimes forget to really enjoy the moment with loved ones or anyone else actually. I sometimes even challenge myself to be offline, but that’s not an option as everything happens online. But I think you might like this Kronaby watch, as it helps us to spend our time wisely and gives us the opportunity to live more in the moment. I think this watch is the perfect gift for your partner with Christmas, it’s luxurious and comes with a very nice box.



Outfit details in this blog:

Coat : Jofama Sweden

Suede gloves: Jofama Sweden

Watch : Kronaby


The Kronaby watch comes with this beautiful box. Find the collection here.