It’s no secret that buying gifts for men at Christmas time is difficult, sometimes seeming daunting or even just downright impossible. But it’s proven that most guys are interested in gifts such as clothing, skincare products or technology gadgets. I personally prefer clothing or gadgets as well as I think gifting someone a set of skincare products or perfume is such a cliché. It’s right out of the box and in most cases it’s a nightmare to find the right smell for someone as it is very personal. Lately I’ve been very into customizing my bags or other fashion items, as it is something different and more individual. Actually I just got this beautiful set of underwear from my longtime business partner Le Slip Francais which could be a cool gift for your partner.



The underwear comes in a really nice box which makes it very luxurious and personal. You can really tell that it is a French brand by the colors they use in the products. (In a very positive way 🙂 ). You can basically configure your own set of: briefs, boxer briefs, panties and boxer shorts on the website of Le Slip Francais.  I mostly wear Boxer shorts or briefs as they feel the most comfortable for me. Once you made your decision in the style you feel most comfortable in, you can choose from many prints or colors that you want your set of underwear to look like. And the final step will be the personal text that you want to add on your underwear (14 characters max). You can choose from 3 different text styles which is pretty nice as we all have a different preference in this as well.  I choose to just put my initials and last name on it as it is pretty funny to have on your boxer.

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