Hi Guys,

The topic, its winter, its cold and I want to show you one of my favorite items for the winter season.
I love wearing hoodies lately as they are really comfortable and match with every coat that i have in my closet. Besides this a black jeans is a must for winter and summer to me, i actually own 10 pairs of them as they go with every other color.

For this look i decided to go casual with the must have items for this winter. A coat and Timberlands are always items that i wear most in winter. I know most people wear parka’s in the winter but they don’t feel comfortable to me. So a coat or bomber feels more slik to me and more dressed. I personally love it when coats and other items are tailored or have a skinny fit. Once you bought a good coat you can wear it for years in winters and autumns. (It’s a good investment) Timberlands are the way for me to complete this winter look as they are very masculine and fashionable. They are perfect for winter weather as it mostly rains or snows in worst cases. I do think you can wear Timberlands in every season as this beige color is very natural. The other item that i mostly take with me when i’m shooting or am on the go is my Louis Vuitton Keepall 50. It is the perfect size as it’s neither too big nor too small. (As I’m 1, 92 cm) Ps. when you buy a bag like this please check a size which fit your body type. I do have multiple Keepalls and they absolutely stay practical and beautiful. It’s also the perfect travel bag + they increase in value. 🙂


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