Hi guys,

I started the New Year quite good with a private Spa treatment in Belgium. (A secret of mine is that I’m a real hygiene freak and that I really feel disgust by sharing a pool or sauna with strangers.) I felt like I wanted to have a clean body mind and soul for 2018. The last year has been amazing to me and I couldn’t wish for a better progression, so I’m very positive about this year! I’m all focused on myself and my vision in life, I started to care less about others and their opinions. As I’m a workaholic and travel a lot I always put hydration and skincare on number 1 , as i need to look representative in my position. In this blogpost I will show you some selected items that I got from L’Oréal to try out.



This is called the ‘Hydra power Range’, the first Men expert line which offers 48 Hours hydration to the skin. My favorites are definitely the hydra energetic gel and the day crème ‘Hydra power’. To be honest I use these products mostly when I’m in the gym or a spa.The thing that i noticed about the Hydra power is that it absorbs quickly into your skin and hydrates without being overly oily. This is perfect after the use of a sauna.