Hi guys,

Last night I was invited by Balr to join the press event of BALR and MINI Amsterdam. I did several collaborations with Balr in the past, so ofcourse I was going to this event! The funny thing is that I drive a Mini cooper myself  and am considering to get another one. This time lifestyle brand Balr collaborated with the Mini dealer in Amsterdam to launch a customized Mini cooper S Clubman all in the theme of Balr. The Mini is wrapped in a matte Balr print that we all know as the ‘ soccer ball print’ which you also see in clothing and product boxes. The first thing you notice in the interior are the head rests with Balr stitched in it. The overall interior is used with materials that really fit to Mini such as nappa leather and ‘soccer ball print’ that continues in the leather interior.

Mini started years ago with a comeback of small fun cars. But today the day Mini actually offers a wide range of models which look much more masculine to attract different buyers. The cars are fashionable and modern and fun to drive, besides this Mini offers lifestyle products to. Think about suitcases, clothing and fun accessories for your Mini. It’s the best from 2 worlds, a lifestyle fashion brand and a lifestyle car brand.






The cars are ready to see you at the MINI showroom in amsterdam.

Outfit details of this post:

Pants : Balr

Sweater : Balr

Pouchette : Goyard

Jacket: Jofama