Hey everyone,


Today I will introduce you to the world of colognes and perfumes. I think most of you already knew that I was a jacket and bag collector and that I own too many from both. BUT I am also a huge collector of Colognes and perfumes for myself. I love to smell good and I have an emotional connection with every scent it which will probably sound ‘Cliché’. To me a certain scent reminds you of a memory or experience in life or perhaps a person that you know or just to know. And it is the hardest thing to find the right scent for yourself as everyone has a different skin. In this blogpost I give you a little preview of 2/3 of my fragrance collection. And it is a little mix of everything.



For this blogpost I collaborated with Jo Malone London which is known British bespoke fragrances. For your home, for her or for him. And the best thing is that it comes in an amazing luxurious box! To me the fragrances of Jo Malone London are elegant and absolutely timeless and the products are luxurious. This makes it different from commercial brands and their strategy. But enough, let’s talk about my scent!

I got the Oud & Bergamot from the Cologne intense collection by Jo Malone. Restraint and class are the key words here. Really earthy, mysterious, by soon woody (almost raucous), sparkling (a classic citric approach counteracting in the meanwhile the raw upcoming woodiness) and angular juice since the first moments of the spray. The vibrant combination of the two main elements is exotic and somewhat dandy (in a fresh, elusive, Latin and virile way) an interesting minimalistic take on citric oud, alluring, classic, sexy and fascinating. I personally combine this scent with the molecule 01 from Skins Cosmetics to give it an extra intense but yet elegant touch. (It also makes the scent last longer).

Part of my collection includes standard fragrances such as:

Hermes terre d’hermes ( My number 1 )

Chanel Blue

Dior Homme intense

Gentlemen Givenchy


Skins cosmetics molecule 01

Maison Margiela fragrances:

  • Burning Wood and chestnet
  • Heady Cocktails and cigars
  • Shaded and flowered paths

Hope you enjoyed this post!