Hi everyone,

As you might have seen in several posts I have been spending some time in the French Riviera, one of my favorite places. When you think about sun, luxury living and fast cars you think about the French Riviera. This is the ultime part of France where wealthy people expose their toys and living. So why not drive to the French Riviera with a Tesla Model S and see what is out there. Thinking about the environment aswell.

After experiencing the Model X and the feeling of 100% electric driving I wanted to push myself to the limits and challenge myself to drive 100% electic to the South of France. Our goal was to the reach Nice and Cannes to spend a small week. Me as nervous as always really got mixed feelings about planning this trip, especially since i never drove 100% Electric to the south Of france or any place abroad. Normally it would be a diesel car or by plane. But Tesla has one of the most invovating and smart cars on the market so I was confident about planning the trip. You can just put the end destination address in the GPS of the Tesla and it will calculate the route with several ‘Supercharge’ stops to reach the destination. Oh boy I was so nervous to reach the 1st charging stop, but after a while this got better and better. A Supercharger is a special designed electric charge point for Tela drives to charge their Tesla’s to 80% or 100% in just 30 to 40 minutes, this is way faster than regular chargers. You can read more about this in my previous post about the Model X. During the drive to Nice we were basically guided by the GPS from 1 to another supercharge station with 30 to 70 Km left in reach. The Tesla Model S has a reach of 500 km on a fully charged battery and it will notify you when to take turns etc to reah the Supercharge point or adjust your speed to reach. The average drive from 1 to another Supercharge point was 2.5 to 3 hours to succesfully reach the end destination Nice. However these calculations are based on your way of driving ( 100 t0 130km/h). Most Supercharge points are located at the regular gas stations next to the highways, as we al know these stations have Mac Donals, Starbucks etc . The end result we have stopped 4 times to charge the Tesla on our way to the South Of france which is really decent. In general it takes 3 to 4 hours more based on the whole trip to Nice which is an average drive of 10 to 11 hours max with a regular car.


The Tesla Model S is a really comfortable car and I personally think that it has such a beautiful aerodynamic design. It is a mix of a sedan and sports coupe with a beautiful masculine ass and front :). A big plus is tesla air suspension which allows me to lower or higher the car in 3 ways: Standard, lower and higher. I mostyle drove on the standard way and when crossing the famous toll roads i had to higher the car as it is really low on the ground. The Model S Was also included with a panoramic roof which could be halfway open or on a ventilation postion, perfect for our time in the Riviera. The seats of the Model S are also a big plus as they are fully electric sportseats with heaters and back support.( Perfect for long drives like these) Auto climate control, entertainment system etc is on it aswell. So about comfort and luxury i had con complaints lol. A big plus is the Autopilot ( this is an extra option) as it is a comfortable and safe way of driving, I used the Autopilot most of the time.


The Model S is a stunning car and is really fast as it goes from 0/100 in just 3 secondes which is amazing! This Model S that i drove is fully option as you can see on the photo’s with 21 inch rims :). The red /black combo is just every guys dream to my opinion. The reach of the Tesla is great and i think it will only get better in the future, yes it is for sure a different way of driving but you really get used to it afte an hour. Tesla also just announced new and faster superchargers which make it possible to charge the car faster ( As there are currently some differences in the Supercharges, some are faster and some are slower) This has to do with the fact that 1 supercharger is deviding the power for 2 cars.

My personal positive pro’s

  • Great aerodynamic
  • Comfortable
  • Fast
  • Effecient
  • Cost saving
  • Safe
  • Autopilot


  • It takes a little more time to reach the final destination ( Nice, South of France) It took 5 to 6 hours more by Supercharging the Model S) It is not a bad thing ofcourse as you safe on fuel costs. It is something to take in consideration when planning to drive to the South of France in 1 day.

Hope you enjoyed and I inspired you to drive all the way green to the South of France 🙂 You can find more about my roadtrip with the Tesla on my highlight ‘Tesla’ on my Instagram page.


Laurent Sebastian