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Last week I took delivery of the Range Rover SV 5.0 Autobiography Dynamic the top of the line Range Rover. The Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic is the most powerful Range Rover ever made and we took it for a 500km of testing. This Range Rover comes with any possible option you can think of such as a panoramic roof, electric seats and so on. The best part is the 5.0 liter V8 engine a true beast with an amazing sound! Range Rover has always been one of my favorite cars on the market as it has distinct image and is truly beautiful. When you think about SUV’S you think about Range Rover as they have been active on this market for a long time before other brands took their baby steps into this segment. Besides all of this I am quite tall ( 1,92 ) and love some leg space and additional head space. As this is a SVO version it comes with bolder options and exterior highlights. SVO is a shortcut for Special vehicle operations, this department of Range Rover makes it possible to customize your car with interior and exterior features.

Drone images: DJI Maverick pro 2 by Laurent Sebastian


The Range Rover SV 5.0 Autobiography Dynamic is a car where luxury and performances are key words. The Range Rover can either be used as off-roader, an every day car or a true road trip car. The SV Autobiography adds features such as diamond quilted leather seats, leather headlining, auto parking, 24-way driver and passenger front seats with massage function including Hot stone , pulse etc! The Range is a multitasker in any situation. This edition comes with a full option package with 4 electric seats. Funny fact the front seats can be adjusted in 24 different positions.( can be heated and cooled) In the back you will meet the Executive seats which are almost identical to the front seats, the passengers in the back get to enjoy full comfort with 2 media screens. Climate, Windows and the sunscreen of the panoramic roof are all possible to control in the back.By night the car is beautifully highlighted with ambiance lights in the interior which you can configure yourself. (choice of 10 colors) One thing that I have noticed is that the car doesn’t feel huge once you drive it concerning the measurements of the Range Rover which speak for itself. But in case you have issues with parking the car, the 360 degree camera can help you out.

A small summery of the options inside:

  • Entertainment package in the front and back ( 2 displays) backseats
  • Panoramic roof ( can be openend)
  • 360° Surround Camera
  • WIFI onboard or personal hotspot
  • MeridianTM Signature audiosystem
  • A fridge

The way you and more importantly other Range Rover drivers can tell the SVAutobiography Dynamic apart from other Range Rovers is by the quad exhaust and the red Range Rover brake calipers. The side vents, bonnet and grille also have grey accents .And if they still haven’t guessed what it is yet there’s the SVO badge on the tailgate. Special Vehicle Operations have taken the 5.0 litre Supercharged petrol V8  found in the Autobiography grade and tunned it to produce 30kW more power at a colossal 405kW and another 55Nm for 680Nm making it the most powerful put in a Range Rover in the history of the brand.

Drone images: DJI Maverick pro 2 by Laurent Sebastian


After have driven around 500km through Belgium and France i can really give a well founded feedback. I have used the Range Rover in several territories and it never failed, in the city it is easy to drive and off-road even better. To my personal opinion this car is a great combination of a S-class on high wheels and a off-road SUV, it is best of both world. Funny fact the Range Rover can park itself once it has found a proper spot. Due the suspension in this car it is possible to lower and higher the Range Rover or you can simply click on the AUTO button which automatically changes the height of the car by simply checking the status of the road and drive attitude. On off-road the car is really coming to it’s natural habitat as it is originally made for this.

All drone images are made with my : DJI Maverick pro 2

All photo’s are made with the Canon EOS80D EF lens 50mm

All the best,

Laurent Sebastian