Gabba Denim X Laurent Sebastian


Hi Guys,

Hereby a sneak preview from my movie for the all new SS18 collection of Gabba Denim.


More soon


Laurent Sebastian

BlackBerry Motion: Re-introducing Blackberry

Back in the old days, when BlackBerry was the premier smartphone maker, you could count on its devices to feature two things: a physical keyboard and long battery life. Things have changed a lot since then, but part of that legacy lives on in the BlackBerry Motion. It might lack that classic keyboard, but it makes up for that with one of the biggest smartphone batteries I’ve used all year. That should keep some hardcore devotees happy, right :)? Currently I have 2 IPhone 8 Plus models which are my best friend on the go. But Blackberry asked me to try out the new Blackberry Motion by giving me one. The first thing that I noticed was the size, it’s as big as the IPhone 8 Plus but much lighter. The software works on Android which is not a plus for me as IOS is much easier for me. But the camera on the other hand is amazing. 



The other thing which was quite funny is the BBM (Blackberry messenger), this was IT years ago and quite a few people are still using it. I like the design of the Blackberry and the special features that it has. I must say the phone is really focused on business people. The phone really offers the users a digital office on the go experience with the special designed secured software to avoid hackers. My favorite feature is the ‘privacy shade’. When activated, Privacy Shade obscures your device’s display, only exposing the exact area you’re reading or typing in. The intention here is that the application minimizes the amount of sensitive data on the screen at any given time; making it harder for prying eyes to piece together bits of information. What’s more, it can be activated at the press of a Convenience Key — so if you accidentally open something private, you can instantly hide it. This is perfect for when you are a big user of the public traffic (You know how full the metro can be).



  • Smart, sensible design
  • Central button placement
  • Solid 



  • Full HD LCD
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Can be slippery





Let me know what you think of the Blackberry


X Laurent


L’Oreal men Expert X BarberClub

So as you all know we are in the middle of the Movember month. This is an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer. For 30 days your mustache turns you into a walking, talking bill. L’Oreal Men Expert supports the Movember Foundation.  The kit that i received for my colaboration with L’Oreal men expert looks very masculine and well presented. I will tell you more about this kit below.

The kit includes:

 1 A beard + Face + Hair wash

2 Styling cream for your hair and beard

3 Long beard & Skin oil  

4 Short beard + Face Moisturiser 



The great thing about these products is that every guy can use it for his beard, from a short beard to a long beard. The other great thing about the ingredients of this product range is that it is 100% free of dyes and parabens. This is great as i have a very sensitive skin and really need to watch with what I apply to my face.


Short beard & Face moisturizer

This is for the daily care of the beard of less than 1 cm long. This face moisturizer is full of natural oils and hydrates the skin plus reduces the itching feeling that you have sometimes with a beard. This would be my section as i have a very short trimmed beard. This is personally an advantage as i want things easy to go in the morning, wash my face and add a moisturizer to it. So you could say this is my favorite of the series 🙂


Beard + Face + Hair wash

This all in one wash keeps the beard crispy clean and gives an intense face cleansing.


Styling cream for your hair and beard

This hair + beard styling cream gives a strong fixation to when it comes to shaping your haircut or beard for 24 hours.


Long beard & Skin oil  

For daily care when you have a longer beard and want to maintain the skin under it as well. Most men with a longer beard complain about the itchy feeling and a dry skin. This would be the perfect skin oil for them as it takes care for both skin and the longer hair of the beard.




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