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Sleeping under the stars at 7 Hotel Paris ****

Hi Guys,

Hoping you are all doing well. I just returned from my trip to Paris which was amazing as always! I always love to go to Paris in Spring and fall, one of the most beautiful seasons in Paris. Anyway let’s go straight to the subject, my Hotel experience in Paris. For this trip i had the opportunity to stay at the 7 Hotel in Paris, a 4 star Boutique Hotel.

A Romantic Boutique Hotel near the Latin Quarter The Hotel Seven offers guests a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the city with its elegantly furnished patio. The cozy wooden-decked inner courtyard features comfortable rattan sofas and armchairs ideal to enjoy a morning coffee, a pre-dinner drink or a nightcap at the end of your long Parisian day. I like that this Hotel is something different from ordinary Hotels, the interior is so modern and the rooms are all different so non of the rooms has the same interior. BIG PLUS the rooms with the star ceilings, it is so elegant and peaceful and makes you relax. The beds are absolutely comfortable and have an overload of pillows which makes it extra comfy!

Even the walls are designed with lights in it which gives the room a very luxurious And romantic touch. I mostly get annoyed by the small bathrooms in Hotels as they are mostly designed for 1 person. Well, In the 7 Hotel there is plenty of space for 2 persons in the rooms. My room had a HUGE rain shower behind the bed with 2 entrances with individual sinks, one for him and one for her. One other aspect that i like about the 7 Hotel is the location. Location is EVERYTHING in Paris and any other city in the world. The metro is right on the block and there are plenty of Ubers to catch in this hip neighborhood. (The Louvre is 10 min by Metro)


The breakfast in the 7 Hotel is excellent ans i have no complains about it. I choose to have breakfast in bed as i like to wake up slowly on my trips without company. You can honestly order anything you like and they will check if they have the products in house to prepare the meal! Conclusion: This Hotel is definitely worth booking as you check the comfort, location and luxury touch. The prices are good and really meet the comfort that you get.


More information about 7 Hotel Paris 










My birthday weekend in Paris X First Hotel Paris

Hey Guys,

So i just got back from Paris as i was there for Paris Fashion Week and ofcourse to celebrate my birthday as you all have seen on my social channels. For this very special moment i had my stay planned in the First Hotel Paris. This Hotel is located in the very centre of Paris, 15 min from the Eiffel tower!And that’s one of the reasons why i had this room with a very beautiful view. ( Which you will see in this blogpost 🙂 ) The Room itself actually looks quite nice and modern. It has a black and white color scene which makes it extra luxurious and sort of spacious. It offers an Nespresso machine for some coffee and a mini bar. And the most important think to me: A big closet to stuff all my selected outfits in for this trip!

I arrived in Paris on wednesday evening, just ontime for my birthday the morning after. ( March 1st). My birthday started off right with a breakfast served on bed by the staff of the First Hotel. With a sweet note to wish me an amazing birthday and a warm welcome to Paris! After it was time to take ofcourse an amazing photo of me on the balcony of my room! Which had the best view possible on the eiffel tower. The day was actually very busy for me as it was also Paris Fashion Week so i got meetings to do as well. So after breakfast it was time for me to meet the Blackberry group in the Lobby of the First Hotel Paris as you all have seen in my last blogpost. After this it was time for me to pick up some goodies at Rue saint honore ( My shopping paradise). And yes it was time to spoil myself for my birthday and all the hard work that i’ve done the last months. 1st stop Hermes for some very special pickups. The second stop was at Alexander Mcqueen where my friend works and always keeps the most exclusive and cool items apart for me untill i’m in Paris. So yes i ended up with some great items.

( I could be in this bed staring at this view forever)

One of the spots that i like to take lunch in Paris is L’Avenue on avenue Montaine, i think everyone knows this restaurant and area. It has the best springg rolls and i love to take in some french fries:). I met up here with Sandra she is one of my best business partners and friend. She is the owner of Otis Skincare and of course suprised me with a new box full with Otis Skincare products. We had a lovely lunch here and actually came across some partners and friends here aswell, so that was great. After this it was time for a stop at Balmain for some pick-ups and my friend was convinced to by the classic blazer from Balmain. I will not tell you all the things that i did this day as it is to much to talk about. Think about shows from Fashionweeks and collaboration meetings:)

After coming back in my hotel after a great day in Paris, the team of the First Hotel actually got a suprise for me again :). Once i opened the door of my suite i saw a bottle of champagne waiting for me on the bed with a note. Honestly the service and eye of detail from the staff of this hotel is just amazing!

( Lunch at L’Avenue)

Information about the First Hotel you can find here

Outfit information:

Photo 1

Belt: Louis vuitton

Shirt: Hermes

Jeans: Hermes

Loafers: Aristocrats

Clutch: Goyard


Hope you enjoyed this blog and i can advice you to stay in the First Hotel Paris if you are planning to visit the city of light!





A suprise from Blackberry

Hey guys,


As you all probably have seen on my Instagram, i have been celebrating my birthday in Paris and visiting Paris Fashion Week. During this stay in Paris i also got a very unexpected suprise from Blackberry France. More about this below!

As all of you know Blackberry is the best business phone to have! It has been on the market for ages and has an insane battery life! This phone has always had a special status on the market for the modern entrepeneur. It has this smart look and the typical physical keyboard. ( Which was known to write easy emails or BBM messages back in the years, and still does )

I think most of you saw that i was using the Blackberry motion the last couple of months on my Instagram. This is the full touchscreen Blackberry which has the same measurements as the Iphone plus models. I felt in love with this phone due the amazing battery life and Android software which is so great to work with. As i am always on the go or photographing i found this phone perfect to me.


Last thursday it was my birthday which i was happy to celebrate in Paris ( My second home), it was Paris fashion week to at the time. So this was a very busy period for me, crossing the city for meetings and birthday celebrations. But let’s get to it, in the morning of march 1 i got a call from my contact person at Blackberry France that she was waiting for me in the lobby of my hotel ( First Hotel Paris). I was very suprised as we did talk about my birthday trip to Paris but were not planning anything. So i didn’t expected to have a meeting as we didn’t plan to, but it was time to hit the elevator to the lobby. Once arrived she wished me a happy birthday and she suprised me in name of Blackberry France with a brand new Blackberry Keyone Black edition! This is such a beautiful phone with a strong smart look, and the best selling model of Blackberry at the moment. As you all know i am in my phone most of the time calling or texting so this phone could only make it better!


Key facts of the Blackberry Keyone Black edition

  • 64GB Internal storage
  • Android OS – 7.1 Nougat
  • 4 GB RAM
  • USB Type-C
  • 12MP Main Camera
  • 8MP Front Camera + Flasher
  • Sony IMX378 Sensor
  • Powerful 3505 mAh battery
  • BlackBerry security software
  • 4.5” scratch-resistant display
  • Fingerprint Sensor



Let me know what you think about this phone or you experience with the Blackberry Keyone Black edition 🙂





The Holidays are here!

It’s no secret that buying gifts for men at Christmas time is difficult, sometimes seeming daunting or even just downright impossible. But it’s proven that most guys are interested in gifts such as clothing, skincare products or technology gadgets. I personally prefer clothing or gadgets as well as I think gifting someone a set of skincare products or perfume is such a cliché. It’s right out of the box and in most cases it’s a nightmare to find the right smell for someone as it is very personal. Lately I’ve been very into customizing my bags or other fashion items, as it is something different and more individual. Actually I just got this beautiful set of underwear from my longtime business partner Le Slip Francais which could be a cool gift for your partner.



The underwear comes in a really nice box which makes it very luxurious and personal. You can really tell that it is a French brand by the colors they use in the products. (In a very positive way 🙂 ). You can basically configure your own set of: briefs, boxer briefs, panties and boxer shorts on the website of Le Slip Francais.  I mostly wear Boxer shorts or briefs as they feel the most comfortable for me. Once you made your decision in the style you feel most comfortable in, you can choose from many prints or colors that you want your set of underwear to look like. And the final step will be the personal text that you want to add on your underwear (14 characters max). You can choose from 3 different text styles which is pretty nice as we all have a different preference in this as well.  I choose to just put my initials and last name on it as it is pretty funny to have on your boxer.

Find more informaton on : www.leslipfrancais.fr


Hermes exhibation – Les mondes de Leïla Menchari in Paris

During my business trip to Paris I was invited by my friend Michael to visit the Hermès à tire-d’aile exhibition at the Grand Palais. This exhibition was held by Hermes this month in honor to Leila Menchari, highlighting her poutique yet flamboyant work as window designer. In this exhibition you will see the world of Hermes world displayed by Leila Menchari.


Quick background of who Menchari was, after graduating her studies in Tunis she moved to Paris to study. Her interest was in peinture at the L’ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. Here is where Menchari met Azzedine Alaia, who introduced her to the world of fashion. She started working as assistant and head illustrator at Hermes. Here Annie Beaumel (the former Head of windows) taught her everything. Eventually Menchari designed windows for Hermes from 1978 to 2013. Her window designs were always recognized by her use of exotic materials and the poetry from her travels.



In my opinion Parisian displays of stores would be the nr1 winners every single time. The eye for detail is just amazing, and really asks you to come in! The savoir-faire of these designers is exceptional and unique au monde and this month it’s a great time to celebrate an amazing women who excelled in this industry. It is she who designed, illustrated and created all the windows at the Hermès’ flagshipstore on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Click here to buy her Hermes book .



The display below was one of my favorites, as it really shows a poetry and the luxury of Hermes. Personally i’m a huge fan of the window displays at Hermes as it tells a story and it almost looks like a fairytale.



In this display you could really see the travel inspiration that Leila Menchari used. The choice of the bag fabrics and colors is amazing.


By Leila Menchari and Hermes

”When designing a scene, there must always be some mystery, for mystery is the springboard to dreams. Mystery is an invitation to fill in the gaps left by the imagination. This is how Leïla Menchari explains one of the secrets behind the success of her flamboyant window displays.”



Enjoy Laurent

COQ Hotel Paris

Finding a Hotel in Paris can be such a struggle sometimes, especially around this time of the year when the holiday season is around the corner. The first thing what goes on in my mind is the location when I book a Hotel, you want to be close to everything and if possible a 5 star rate within the budget. Well the COQ Hotel can offer most of it for a good price!

I got the Deluxe-Room booked for my stay at the COQ Hotel in Paris. This is the most luxurious room that the Hotel offers to their guests. What I like about this room is that it really feels as home and not like a standard Hotel room which we all know the image off. The room has warm colors and even fashionable books in the room + a little desk which I used for editing my photos on my notebook. The Deluxe-room offers: High speed WIFI, a Nespresso machine with cups, Rituals shower products and airconditioning. The biggest plus in this room is the closet, it offers so much space for my clothing and accessories because I hardly travel light. If you are coming with your partner, you will love the shower as it has space for 2!

I got the Deluxe-Room booked for my stay at the COQ Hotel in Paris. This is the most luxurious room that the Hotel offers to their guests. What I like about this room is that it really feels as home and not like a standard Hotel room which we all know the image off. The room has warm colors and even fashionable books in the room + a little desk which I used for editing my photos on my notebook.  Extra things which come with the Deluxe-room are: High speed WIFI, a Nespresso machine with cups, Rituals shower products and airconditioning. The biggest plus in this room is the closet, it offers so much space for my clothing and accessories because I hardly travel light. If you are coming with your partner, you will love the shower as it has space for 2!


Every room in the COQ hotel Paris is unique, they all have a different color contrast and style. This makes the stay more personal and private. Besides this there are signs throughout the hotel with #Hashtags which makes it up to date and a real blogger hotel! Attached to the main entrance there is a small brasserie which makes it possible for you to take snacks, breakfast or lunch whenever you feel like it. (Included in the price). And once you finish this you can either go for some fresh air in the garden which has rabbits :), or you can join other guests at the private cinema that the COQ Hotel offers. Everything is close by the Hotel, the Metro to the city Centre is on the corner and supermarkets or fast-food restaurants are all on walking distance from the Hotel.

As I’m 1.92 cm tall I love a bathroom with space. If you are looking for a fashionable and hip place in Paris to stay I would recommend you to book a room at the COQ Hotel in Paris. It’s really a cozy Hotel with that extra touch of attention to the guests, besides having an amazing interior wich all bloggers would dream of! The price, service and location of this Hotel are perfectly in balance.

For this trip I took my Trunks company suitcase with me, it is customized with my initials on it and a red velvet interior! It is a cabin format which makes it accessible to take on the airplane with you.






Maison Caulieres X Laurent Sebastian

Over a year ago I got introduced to Maison Caulieres in Paris, which is basically my second home when you scroll through my Instagram. I got invited by the owner/friend to take lunch in the boutique located in one my favorite neighborhoods in Paris called ‘Montmartre’. The first thing that really got my attention is the eye for detail in the boutique, it’s really minimalistic and classy. The presentation of the products in these colorful packages is just beautiful. The boutique is like a living room full with different product lines of Maison Caulieres, from body scrub to hand crème. Once you open the door to the back of the store you will find a beautiful office with a cozy fireplace and books full of the heritage of the brand. I got a whole introduction from Xavier about the ingredients of the products and the strong French heritage of the family. Did you know the Maison Caulieres family at first was specialized in producing their own honey for about 100 years!


After smelling and using many of the oils and body products I got a deja vu. The aroma of some of the products were so intense and familiar that it reminded me of some great memories. Maison Caulieres believes that the products are all made for body, mind and soul, which makes sense to me as the whole body is connected with different nerves. I also got to tell that the natural ingredients such as honey, oils and sunflower are beneficial for your skin of course but also for your health! Ps. Queen Elizabeth II the Queen of England is also using the products that must say enough about the quality and image of Maison Caulieres.


Another great thing about Maison Caulieres is that it is exclusively working with Rosewood Hotels & Spa’s all over the world. Wich are leading Hotels and known for its luxury and outstanding service. Back in 2014 Maison Caulieres launched its products in London in one of the oldest department stores called Fortnum & Mason. This is just one of the places where the products are displayed cause Hong-Kong and Dubai are on te list aswell. But this year it started one of the most beautiful collaborations with the most luxurious hotel in Paris called Hotel de Crillon. I can really tell that I’m a daily user of the products now and I keep stocking it up every month. One of my favorites is the body scrub called ‘Richesse des sous-Bois’, I use tis scrub once a week and it really gives you a clean velvet skin. I can keep talking about Maison Caulieres and my experience with it, but I think it is time for you to try it out after reading this blog.


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